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Records and bikes in Vienna


Here is my weekend guide for bike, record and food lovers.


I would start my day at Naschmarkt. It is a very nice food market where you find basically everything. Great place to get good breakfast to start your day. You might wanna think ahead and buy some stuff for a sunday picnic! Falafel with hummus and Turkish bread, different cheeses plus wine. There is also a flea market (only saturdays) where you can find some true treasures. Earlier you go the better it is.

Next I would head towards the 7th district that has basically everything from good cafés to great record and fashion stores. If Metal music is your type of stuff, I have to recommend Totem-records at Zollergasse. This tiny and dark-as-hell shop has the best collection of all kind of metal music. Lots of cd’s and vinyls, but the cherry on top is all the old metal classics on vinyl. Prices for those are a bit higher but worth paying! Continue Reading