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Recommendations! Restaurant Radar! Rock & Roll! proudly presents two tasty new features to spice up your local search life.

FIrst up, for our logged-in users, ‘Personal Recommendations‘. Your Stream now gives you recommendations of where to go, based on your friends’ reviews and desires.
(By the way, we’ve also made sorting your ‘Favorite’ and ‘Want to go’ spots a lot easier.)

Secondly, available to all users, our radical ‘Restaurant Radar‘. Just enter an address, and we’ll show you the best restaurants in the area. Finding places to eat has never been easier.

Happy hunting!

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The second official Tupalo Hack Week is over – and it was even better than the first. Accompanied by some fine music, our darkroom of developers bravely ignored hunger and sleep deprivation in their ongoing quest to give our users the perfect Tupalo experience.

Among other things, our heroic coding kings made various tweaks to the site’s look and feel, wrestled with our soon-to-be-launched language versions (Klingon amazingly not present), and finalised our ever-so-useful Restaurant Radar.

A great week’s work, which the founders celebrated in style…


Straight Drive Outta Compton

‘Inspirational’ is the only word to describe this wonderful story. Being the cricket fans we are, we just had to spread the word.

Cricket team tours are nothing new, nor is the concept of cricket in the USA, but the story of Compton Cricket Club is something very special indeed. Just how did the all-too-often maligned city of Compton end up with a cricket team? And how on earth did that team end up on a tour of Australia?

Some insight from their history. The team was founded “in 1995 by homeless activist Ted Hayes and Hollywood movie producer Katy Haber with the goal of combatting “the negative effects of poverty and homelessness through the civilizing qualities of… cricket. The team was comprised of homeless men and was operated in conjunction with Justiceville/Homeless USA.

“The team’s mission is to curb the negative effects of juvenile delinquency and negative youth gang activities as well as engendering civil and productive citizenship beginning in Compton-Los Angeles, California, throughout the United States and the world. In 1997 the Cricket Concept in Los Angeles was furthered through high school workshops, which lead to the creation of Compton Cricket Club and the Homies & Popz “America’s Cricket Team”, which emerged as the first All American-born team.

“The Compton Homies and the Popz includes Latino/Hispanic – Mexican (Mesoamerican), American Blacks and others, some of whom are ex-gang & tagging members, as well as those who were good upstanding school students and obedient children to their parents.”

What a story. And, as the USA was involved in the first ever country vs country cricket match (in 1844, quiz fans), it’s fitting that Compton CC has blazed a new international trail.

Compton Cricket Club, we at Tupalo in Vienna, Austria salute you – and hope that one day we’ll be able to see you live in action in Compton.

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Hack Week. Tupalo Strong.

The week before last was Hack Week here at Tupalo HQ. Our dedicated darkroom of developers (that’s my copyrighted collective noun, by the way) put up their ‘Do not disturb’ signs, and hacked away until they could hack no more, powered by vast amounts of breakfast carbs, fresh fruit, coffee and lunchtime take-outs.

The results were, as I’ve come to expect from my techy team-mates, mightily impressive. Highlights include a decidedly dynamic dashboard (for us to keep a better eye on ourselves) and a rather racy recommendation engine (to give our users even more top tips), both of which are already up, running and winning gold medals.

And… we’re doing it all again next week. If you have any ideas for us to hack, please do let us know.

(* For the uninitiated: Tupalo Hack Week was planned to be similar to Hate Week in George Orwell’s 1984, but we’re so nice that we all struggle to feign even a mild dislike of our Big Brother competitors.)

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And the winner is…

It’s awards season! The 2011 Golden Globes ® will live long in the memory thanks to Ricky “The Roaster” Gervais – and now the Oscars ® are rushing into view.

Headed to the Academy Awards ® show at the Kodak Theater? will point you to the best bars, restaurants and hotels in the neighborhood. Attending one of the many Oscar ® charitable events being held across the USA? Our city pages, from LA to Las Vegas, from Denver to Dallas will point you to the best places in the vicinity.

And talking of awards: around Oscars ® time, we’ll be awarding ourselves some (ahem) “TupalOscars” in recognition of our profitability and upcoming plans, when our tear-filled acceptance speech will inevitably include thanks to everyone from our parents to Ingmar Bergman and Marion Cotillard.

So then, this post will have an obligatory sequel, but we promise that it’ll be more Godfather Part II than Matrix: Reloaded.

Announcements, Industry, Yellow Pages coming to the USA, partners with CityGrid Media (Update)

Go west, young startup!” they said. We listened. (To the good advice that is – not the song or the band.), Europeʼs friendliest social yellow pages community, has teamed up with CityGrid Media, a local media company connecting the millions of businesses and customers on the web, to launch its local search across the USA. We already have over 1 million business listings across the USA, and we’re adding tens of thousands more daily.

Discovering, sharing and reviewing local businesses in the US – whether restaurants in Houstonbars in NYCbakeries in Chicago or antique shops in LA – has never been easier. We offer the ultimate in US city guides built by people in the know and on the go.

Speaking from the Directional Media Strategies 2010 conference in Dallas, CEO Mike Borras said, “The US is a key market for local search, so we are partnering with flagship companies such as CityGrid Media that share our core values and vision. We are committed to an organic, all-inclusive approach, and we look forward to forging positive relationships with users, consumers, businesses and other partners throughout the USA.”

In short: Go west, Tupalo users! We think you’ll like what you find there.

(p.s. We’re not the only ones who like this: TechCrunch also thinks it’s great news!)


Tupalo ♥ Music

We at Tupalo HQ think we’re doing something rather special, but music is a magic beyond all we do here.

The Tupalo music playlist is best described – with distinct understatement – as diverse. If our playlist were a corporation, it would be the ultimate equal opportunities employer.

With an employee age range that encompasses the barely twenties to the unfairly forties, and musical preferences that stretch from late Gregorian chants to Lady Gaga chart-toppers and all stations in between, it’s no surprise that a consensus can sometimes be hard to find.

Right now, most of us are listening to “The Only Living Boy in New York” by Simon & Garfunkel segue into The Dickies‘ “Poodle Party”, while the rest have donned headphones and are immersing themselves in their own private sonic universes.

Individual favorites at the moment include ‘Now That’s What I Call The Eighties‘ compilations, Royksopp, Trojan label mixes, Minor Threat and – according to yesterday’s rumor mill – Katy Perry.

No-one’s listening to Justin Bieber though. Maybe he possesses a magic beyond music?

If you have great taste in music – or if you plan to acquire such taste in the future – we highly recommend our friends at the Hype machine