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by Andreas Tiefenthaler

8:30: My alarm rings and i am searching for the snooze button, I hit it, turn myself around and getting another 7 minutes of good and healthy sleep.

8:37: Starting the game again.

9:00: Finally on my way to the office, there i grab a coffee and say hello to my colleagues and the almighty office dog Laika. After some nerdy talk and a few instructions for the current project I am currently working on, i fire up the dev environment and start working


by Thomas Schranz

11:12: The signs of hunger occur at the office and I am stuck on some weird magical ruby stuff. Playing a little with Laika clears up my head and I can solve that problem. Discussions about the food start rising.

11:45: the unicorns are dead, i repeat the unicorns are dead! After some short downtime is up again.and the unicorns are jumping around like little ponys. We start investigating the problem, what happened? The database again..

12:30: Finally some lunch. (Yeah food is quite important for us (: )

13:37: Back to coding/learning/freaking out.

16:00: Coffee break and nerdy talk about the newest hackernews trends.

~18:00: Time to go home.

andy ti

by Thomas Schranz

Why should you do an internship at a small startup?

I’ve learned so many things in these two months at tupalo. First of all it was very chaotic, fast and overwhelming. I more or less got thrown into the deep end, had my own projects and was responsible for them from the first day on. I had to learn how to solve a for me completely unknown problem with a programming language I barely knew. Quite tough, but with this team no problem. Whenever i needed help or had a question according something, someone helped and explained it to me.
If you love creating/learning/working on new stuff and want to feel the full startup experience i recommend you to an internship at a small startup.

And what did i do?
Basically I was working on backend stuff, implementing data import scripts, fetching event data from one of our partners, save it to memcached and display it on the page of the spot where they will take place. I was also involved to do some system administration tasks on our “private cloud”.

Thank you all at for this experience (:


by Petra Gschwendtner

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