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buzzattack – Austria’s first and probably finest Social Media Conference

Ambuzzador, which is one of Austria’s leading Social Media and Buzz agencies, is about to deliver their first conference on the afore mentioned topics – buzzattack. It’s all about how to create buzz and the web, how to communicate products and deal with failure or success when doing so.

They’ve also attracted some oversea speakers, which is always a good thing to have if you have paying atendees for your conference. Well, not really from overseas, but still a top speaker is Facebook’s Director for Germany. He’ll give a talk about

How Brands can benefit of an ongoing, interactive conversation on Facebook. Re-thinking the way how to engage with customers – it’s all about Conversation Marketing.

Apart from listening to his lecture there will likely be some people who simply want to talk to him, as we’ve seen when Chris Hughes (another caliber though) has been in town some months ago.

Check out the entire agenda over here and grab your tickets at Amiando.

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