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Und? Wer von Euch hat gestern, wie ich, wieder beim sonntäglichen Täterraten mitgemacht?

Zugegeben: Das Tatort-Schauen am Sonntag ist bei mir schon zur Gewohnheit geworden und wenn ich’s doch einmal nicht schaff, dann bin ich immer dankbar, dass Stadtbekannt mich auf dem Laufenden hält und jeden Montag den aktuellen Kriminalfall rezensiert. Den Beitrag zum gestrigen Tatort, “Das schwarze Haus”, gibt’s übrigens hier zu finden.

Ich persönlich bin ja schon gespannt, wann’s das nächste Mal einen Tatort mit Schauplatz Wien gibt und freu mich drauf! Vor allem, weil ich dann was ganz Besonderes vorhab: Das Topkino und das Schikaneder zeigen den Tatort nämlich jeden Sonntag live auf der großen Kinoleinwand. Der Eintritt ist frei und beim Täterraten gibt’s Freigetränke zu gewinnen – also eigentlich ein perfekter Sonntagabend. Ich bin auf jeden Fall beim nächsten Ösi-Tatort vor Ort dabei. Vielleicht sieht man sich ja! :)

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How local businesses can profit from the Internet

For the average local business out there, be it a dentist or a restaurant, the Internet as we know it is mostly a black hole – and that’s bad. Real businesses with a physical presence have been there for ages, supporting local communities with groceries or getting glasses made. They are vital for any neighbourhood and cover most of the needs a human being in a civilized country has.

Since the arrival of the Internet, especially the second stage of the Web, which a lot of people refer to as “Web 2.0” (whatever that is), lots of things have changed – both positively and negatively. People from all walks now tend to use the Internet more often for finding information with a local aspect. When people travel they use the Web for finding out about restaurants in the city they’re going to, and locals use the Web to look up doctors in the city they live in. Access to local businesses is easier than ever. Shops are not necessarly bound to customers from a surrounding area, but can now attract a multitude of customers via simple and cheap methods. Yet most of them are afraid of the Internet and some of them probably do not have time and money to invest in what Internet marketers like to call “Local Search Marketing”.

The travel industry, the Web’s biggest revenue-generating field of commerce, has definitely learned how to make use of the Web and not fight it. Portals such as tripadvisor are respected among both customers, and more importantly, hotel operators. They’ve embraced the fact that people check out information about their place on the web before booking a stay. Thus it’s crucial to have an authentic and good reputation on the web for this business.

Apart from the travel industry, hardly any other “old” industry has throughly grasped how to interact with customers and potential future customers. Tupalo is just one of many local review sites out there, yet by working together with Yellow Pages publishers, we highly focus on working together with SMEs (small- &  medium-sized enterprises).

We believe that by reaching out to them, taking time and talking to them about how to make use of the Internet, they’ll learn, adapt and eventually profit from the Internet (and

One thing we’ve found as a compelling argument for shop operators is the following. Imagine how many plumbers are in a town and imagine how hard it is to find an appropriate plumber. So, how would you act when looking for a plumber? Most will give you answers like “I’d ask a friend” or “look on the web”. Precisely these two arguments are combined on Local Reviews Sites such as Tupalo. Imagine going to and looking up plumbers in Vienna. You’ll find a majority of plumbers that probably don’t even know that they exist on Tupalo (Some of them will probably also want to have their listing removed). Most of them also will not take care of the reviews they have (or do not have). Now, what if you see this plumber list and there’s one with 5 reviews, coming from authentic and long-term Tupalo users. There’s a relatively higher chance of calling this plumber than the 99,9% others who do not have any reviews.

There’s still a long way to go until local businesses that are not travel-related understand the concept and power of “local” on the Web, but we are doing our best to support any local business that wants to get their before their competition.

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The hottest sh*t in New York City

Thanks to the awesome people behind Insiderei, we are able to gain some culinary insight in what’s currently hot in New York City. They did a short interview with the CEO of “Crystal of America”, which per se, not a lot of people have probably heard of. However, looking at the last name of the guy giving out these great recommendations, you might see something familiar: Maximilian Riedel. The sprout of the world-renowned austrian glass manufacture has been living in NYC for 10 years and has some great tips for your next trip to New York City. Expect some pricey but worth watching, drinking and eating places in the Big apple:

American Restaurant in New York: DGGB Kitchen & Bar DGGB Kitchen & Bar

Another world-class piece in the puzzle of chef Daniel Boulud. Boulud operates multiple bars and restaurants all over NYC and is a frequent visitor in the the most prestigious restaurant critics guides, such as Guide Michelin. DBGB was installed near the former underground rock club CBGB (and quickly cease-and-desisted by the owners of CBGB) and offers one of the best burgers in town. Check out the website for some mouthwatering photos of those burgers.

On the lower Eastside Riedel recommends Bar in New York: Schiller's Liquor Bar Schiller’s Liquor Bar for an amazing selection of spirits and Restaurant in New York: Inoteca Inoteca is apparently one of the best places to get lunch.

One of the current Celeb Hot spots is Restaurant in New York: The Upholstery Store The Upholstery Store. Owned and operated by an Austrian who is already well-known in Austria since his first gastronomy endavour Blaue Gans, The Upholstery Store is a tiny wine bar, with two rooms, offering space for 20 people.


Pricey but delicious is Restaurant in New York: Eleven Madison Park Eleven Madison Park. A superb restaurant on Madison Avenue, but cheaper than Thomas Keller’s French Restaurant in New York: Per Se Per Se.

Riedel decorates another Austrian (former Barkeeper Albert Trummer), by mentioning current Hipster Bar Bar in New York: Apotheke Bar Apotheke Bar. A sought-after bar, in remembrance of a pharmacy in the 50s.

Bar in New York: The Rusty Knot The Rusty Knot and Restaurant in New York: Employees Only Employees Only are also a safe place if you wish to enjoy late night cocktails and other fun stuff. The latter one is only accessible via an ordinary mexican place and its back door for “employees only”. Makes sense.

A place that would only exist in NYC? Bar in New York: Angel's Share Angel’s Share – Well hidden in the backroom of a japanese FastFood joint and in the not-so-known japanese quarter of New York. The bar has also been voted as one of New York’s best dating bars.

Thanks to Insiderei and Maximilan Riedel who provided this awesome list of hipster places in New York. We are big fans of the City here at and sure to check some of them out next time we are there.