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What’s new #1 – Homepage

What's new on Tupalo

Did you already notice? Our Homepage got a new look! It’s already been online for a while…but hey, we just wanted to give you a quick heads up – not only the technical parts and functionalities on our site got some love (we will specifically point them out to you soon) but also the homepage was given a little upgrade. We added new pics and also some descriptions of our most used features. We thought it might be a good idea to give some hints on what awaits users on Tupalo, in addition to the location based data (that most of our visitors come for). Also new are the responsive elements that were added to make it easier to view the standard site on your mobile devices (as an alternative to our mobile apps or our mobile site m.tupalo). More on that soon…stay tuned!

Tupalo Rootpage

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The Tupalo Kanban Story – Prioritization and Ticket Design

If you hear the words “prioritization” and “ticket design” in a common context, you usually do not see a connection. But, when it comes to the visualization on a Kanban board, things are different. Therefore, let’s start from a different angle to make this a little bit more tangible…

When people are in the process of implementing a Kanban system, they often look for answers to the following questions: How are we going to prioritize the tasks and projects coming in? How do we know which tasks to start first and how do we know when to do so?
The solution we found for our implementation is that we agreed on a specific order and allocation of the tickets (= tasks) in the input queue to indicate their priority (most important/urgent ones go first).
Additionally, we decided to visualize the classes of service by using different colors and adding specific details on the individual tickets.

Since the very beginning (see first blog post), we have been using the following Classes of Service:

– Standard (yellow index card)
– Priority (red index card; higher priority than standard class; can have a due date; high cost of delay)
– Expedite (critical; highest priority; other tasks can be put on hold to process it; can exceed WIP limits)
– Intangible (important but not urgent; needs to be done at some point; cost of delay might increase over time)

On the ticket itself you will find information like title (short description), tracking number (serial number) in the upper left corner, date of entry (date when the ticket was put on the board) in the lower left corner, and, in case of a priority ticket, a due date (if applicable).

Once a task is finalized, a done date is added in the right hand corner of the ticket for tracking reasons (due dates are updated, if not concurrent).

The colors and respective descriptions on the tickets also help to bring them in order during our Replenishment Talks. I specifically say “talks” since we do not hold “real” Replenishment Meetings (anymore).

We replenish when there is need for it. That means that we got rid of the often very time-consuming Prioritization and Replenishment Meetings and perform them on-the-go.


Coming up next: Kanban Board Design (Part II)

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Rails + Girls = Ruby Magic :)

I just returned from a little tech adventure – I had the pleasure to be one of the happy participants of the Rails Girls event in Zürich! :)

As a project manager I usually don’t code… but of course it is always good to have some knowledge in that area, especially when you are working at a web company (duh!). During the day you pick up a lot of things and hear all different kind of terms and geek speak when listening to your fellow co-workers from development. Backend, frontend, database, method, string, object, unicorns, master, server, commit, pull request… Yeah, sure – I kind of know what all of this is. But, there are a couple of white spaces on the map. And to get the big picture on that topic, white spaces are not very helpful.

I heard about Rails Girls quite some time ago when the TupaBoys attended the Railsberry conference in Krakow and were quite impressed by the Rails Girls presentation Linda Liukas (Co-Founder of gave at that occasion. And since the Rails Girls events are currently taking place in different locations all over the world I wanted to be part of it and applied. Thus, last Friday I packed my bags for Zürich and dived into the world of Ruby on Rails. After the installation party on Friday evening and some very useful tips from the coaches, I was totally prepared for the big day.

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The story of 4 Tupaleros and a lot of Rails Girls

Last weekend four Tupaleros went to Zürich to take part as coaches and participant at a Rails Girls event. Our “Rails Girls veteran” Consti was joined by Michi and myself (Johannes) as additional coaches at the event and Nina, who participated after she caught the Ruby on Rails virus and decided to get herself into serious & fun web development. Learn more about Railsgirls and Nina’s experience in her post.

Look, that’s Michi giving a lightning talk! (picture by Daniel Puglisi

It’s great to share your enthusiasm and experience for web-development in Ruby and Rails it’s also a great opportunity to get to know the local Ruby and Rails community and check out their favorite places and venues. I mean, after all we are Tupalo employees ;) Rails Girls Zürich proved to be of especial greatness. The event itself took place at the Hub Zurich, a collaborative space, but more above all, “a space for encounters, exchange and inspiration, full of diverse people doing amazing things”. The Hub is nicely located inside a train viaduct in Zurich’s hip district 5 and it’s part of a global network of collaborative spaces (btw. also has a Vienna branch). Additionally, a big plus for the the superb, diverse (+vegan, +lactosefree) and perfectly organized catering by Koru Lounge+Cafe.

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Wir haben eine neue Homepage. Und sie sieht richtig hübsch aus!

In den letzten Wochen haben wir einer kleinen Überholung unterzogen. Zum einen wurde unser Ranking-Algorithmus verbessert, um die Suche nach den derzeit angesagten und neu eröffneten Locations einfacher zu gestalten. Zum anderen waren wir der Meinung, dass unsere Seiten einen etwas einheitlicheren Look bräuchten.

Um das Ganze auch auf der Startseite durchzuziehen und somit abzurunden, gab’s noch eine neue Homepage dazu. Auf dieser neuen und verbesserten Homepage werden wir in der nächsten Zeit einige unserer persönlichen Favoriten präsentieren – handverlesen und mit passenden Fotos im Hintergrund.

Die neue Homepage soll Dir helfen, neue Restaurants, Geschäfte oder auch Bars zu entdecken. Probier sie einfach mal aus und lass uns wissen, wie sie Dir gefällt! (Um die neue Startseite sehen zu können, musst Du übrigens ausgeloggt sein.)

Was? Dein Favorit ist noch nicht dabei? Dann schicke uns doch einfach den Tupalo-Link, zusammen mit Deinem Schnappschuss zu dieser Location. Vielleicht erscheint dann in Zukunft Dein persönlicher Lieblingsspot ganz exklusiv auf der Startseite. :)

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Tupalo x Foursquare – zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe!

Seit dieser Woche müsst Ihr praktischerweise nicht mehr ständig zwei Apps verwenden, um den prestigeträchtigen Posten des Kaisers und Mayors näherzukommen! ;)

Tupalo unterstützt jetzt nämlich auch Foursquare-Checkins. Das bedeutet, dass es in Zukunft egal ist, mit welcher der beiden Apps Ihr eincheckt; Eure Checkins werden nämlich praktischerweise auf beiden Seiten – sowohl Tupalo als auch Foursquare – vermerkt!

Um dieses Doppel-Checkin-Feature nützen zu können, müsst Ihr nur in Euren Benutzereinstellungen unter “Externe Services” die Verlinkung zu Eurem Foursquare-Account herstellen, und schon kann’s losgehen!

Da sich dieses Feature noch in der sogenannten “Beta-Phase” befindet, kann es vorkommen, dass nicht jeder Checkin 100%ig “passt”. Falls Euch bei Euren Checkins etwas merkwürdig vorkommt oder Ihr Fragen zu diesem neuen Feature habt, schickt uns bitte eine E-Mail an support[at]tupalo[dot]com!

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Check-in FTW – Tupalo to support Foursquare checkins, and vice versa!

As of today supports your Foursquare checkins, and Foursquare will push your checkins to Tupalo. From now on you can use the app of your choice without losing out on becoming both the mayor and the kaiser of your favorite spots!

How to enable this new feature our own Sebastian ‘hacked up’? Go to our external services tab in settings and connect with Foursquare. And while you’re at it: you can connect with Facebook and Twitter too, to find friends and/or publish your best / funniest / most in depth reviews to the social network of your fancy.

Be aware that this feature is still in Beta. Please let us know if something doesn’t work for you. Ideas and feedback are always welcome!

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Check-in FTW – Tupalo ondersteunt Foursquare checkins en vice versa!

Vanaf vandaag ondersteunen we je checkins via Foursquare, en Foursquare plaatst je checkins via Tupalo gezellig door. Heden kun je dus de app van je keuze gebruiken zonder een ‘mayorship’ of ‘keizerschap’ mis te lopen. En: het bespaart je een hele handeling!

Je zwengelt onze nieuwste feature, met de complimenten van developer in kwestie Sebastian, aan door in de external services tab in je settings op de grote Foursquare button te klikken. And while you’re at it: koppel je Tupalo profiel met Facebook en Twitter, om vrienden te vinden die ook op Tupalo zitten en om je beste / leukste / meest doorwrochte reviews te delen via je favoriete sociale netwerk(en).

Houd er rekening mee dat deze feature nog in Beta is. Laat ons vooral weten wanneer iets niet werkt. (Andere) ideeën en feedback zijn uiteraard altijd welkom!

railsgirls application
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Girls, learn Rails, we’ve got unicorns. And raptors.

Hi! This weekend I was a coach at the Rails Girls workshop in Munich (@RailsGirls_MUC). Rails Girls aims to open up technology and make it more approachable for women. This edition was the third time I could teach girls all about the wonderful world of Ruby on Rails.

railsgirls Munich

Around 50 girls participated, and the Deutsche Welle was there to film the whole thing. My group made a neat little app to list ideas. It has unicorns. And raptors! I’d greatly recommend anyone to attend a Rails Girls conference, if only for the good vibes and playful learning environment.

railsgirls application

The next Rails Girls workshop will take place in Zurich, on the second and third of November. Fellow Tupalo developers Michi, Johannes and I will be coaches there. Rails Girls is free and open to all enthusiastic girls! Apply now, for applications are only open until October 19. And do follow @RailsGirls_ZRH on Twitter for the latest news.

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Je kunt vanaf vandaag foto’s uploaden op Tupalo

Vanaf vandaag kun je foto’s toevoegen aan je favoriete spots en aan je reviews. Omdat we tegelijkertijd klussen aan een nieuwe ‘category page’ (en met de update van ons spot ranking algoritme), wordt visueel een stuk interessanter! Ik zet tegenwoordig geen voet binnen een tent als ik niet tenminste een foto van de entree en een gerechtje of twee kan bekijken op het wereld wijde web. Goed, iedereen kan nu foto’s uploaden, direct – vanaf zijn of haar computer – of via externe services als Flickr of Youtube, om videos te embedden.

Onze ‘trusted users‘ konden al langer foto’s uploaden. En wij speelden zelf al enkele maanden met de feature. Ik daag je uit om mijn record (1445 kiekjes in totaal) te verbreken! ;)

Je kunt de kiekjes die je hebt geupload terugvinden op je profiel, onder het tabje ‘toegevoegde media’.

Probeer het uit en laat ons vooral weten wat je ervan vindt!