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What’s new #1 – Homepage

What's new on Tupalo

Did you already notice? Our Homepage got a new look! It’s already been online for a while…but hey, we just wanted to give you a quick heads up – not only the technical parts and functionalities on our site got some love (we will specifically point them out to you soon) but also the homepage was given a little upgrade. We added new pics and also some descriptions of our most used features. We thought it might be a good idea to give some hints on what awaits users on Tupalo, in addition to the location based data (that most of our visitors come for). Also new are the responsive elements that were added to make it easier to view the standard site on your mobile devices (as an alternative to our mobile apps or our mobile site m.tupalo). More on that soon…stay tuned!

Tupalo Rootpage

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Wir haben eine neue Homepage. Und sie sieht richtig hübsch aus!

In den letzten Wochen haben wir einer kleinen Überholung unterzogen. Zum einen wurde unser Ranking-Algorithmus verbessert, um die Suche nach den derzeit angesagten und neu eröffneten Locations einfacher zu gestalten. Zum anderen waren wir der Meinung, dass unsere Seiten einen etwas einheitlicheren Look bräuchten.

Um das Ganze auch auf der Startseite durchzuziehen und somit abzurunden, gab’s noch eine neue Homepage dazu. Auf dieser neuen und verbesserten Homepage werden wir in der nächsten Zeit einige unserer persönlichen Favoriten präsentieren – handverlesen und mit passenden Fotos im Hintergrund.

Die neue Homepage soll Dir helfen, neue Restaurants, Geschäfte oder auch Bars zu entdecken. Probier sie einfach mal aus und lass uns wissen, wie sie Dir gefällt! (Um die neue Startseite sehen zu können, musst Du übrigens ausgeloggt sein.)

Was? Dein Favorit ist noch nicht dabei? Dann schicke uns doch einfach den Tupalo-Link, zusammen mit Deinem Schnappschuss zu dieser Location. Vielleicht erscheint dann in Zukunft Dein persönlicher Lieblingsspot ganz exklusiv auf der Startseite. :)

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We’re further instagraming Vienna. Come join us.

From the 20th until the 22nd the Wiener Einkaufsstraßen Festival takes place and the 21st we’ll happily party along while exploring the Westbahnstraße and surroundings by smartphone. The Festival’s motto is “Beweg Dich!” (“Get Moving!”) and their wish is our command! We’ll (insta-)walk from MuseumsQuartier towards Urban Loritz Platz – passing by numerous interesting shops and some nice graffiti – where refreshments await out sporty participants!

Insta-what?! Never heard about an event where people explore their city while using the photo app Instagram? Here’s some information about the phenomenon. And / or check out our last instawalk, themed “Everyday Poetry”!

Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you chose to use Instagram, a digital camera or even an analogue camera! The goal is to have a nice time mapping (a part of) the city. In photos. The result? At the end of the day you’ll be able to see a piece of the world through different eyes. (Almost) literally.

We’re very grateful for the warm welcome MuseumsQuartier Wien and Familie Westabahnstraße give us on / along our way!

We’ll meet you on friday the 21st at the MUMOK staircase at 16:30. Want to join? Then make sure to RSVP on Facebook! We can hardly wait!

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What a night…


It’s been a big day for yesterday. We officially launched our community in Rotterdam. Bikeseats, tote bags, shirts, press and party – all in one day. Wow.

If you weren’t able to make it, check out the pics from all of the happenings around the launch.

Oh, and don’t you worry: will for sure come and rock a city near you soon! So make sure you follow our updates on Facebook or Twitter not to miss out!

See you soon! :)

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We’re so excited!

Today is the day. is officially launching its community in Rotterdam.

Wanna know more? Well, here’s what you should do!  :)

  • To get started check out the article on TheNextWeb.
  • Then check out the awesome spots in Rotterdam on
  • And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on what’s happening with the launch!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: Yes, there is a party! Join us at Hopper at 6pm, if you can. We’d love to buy you a drink!

google plus one
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Tupalo +1

google plus one

yesterday Google introduced a new feature

Google +1

it’s basically a Facebook like button – just from Google, and no, we don’t know yet why you should use it (or why we should promote it), but we want to find out.

so either do it for us or do it for science on


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Wir sind Nummer 1 (ÖWA, Unique Clients)

That was easy!

Wir sind Nr. 1 bei den Einzelangeboten. Bei ÖWA getrackten Websites. Im Februar. Sortiert nach Unique Clients.

Danke an all die User die uns auf diesen Weg begleitet haben.
Google Trends for Websites_

Und an all die User, welche uns jeden Tag neu entdecken.

Den geübten Zahlen-Checkern unter euch wird beim Betrachten der ÖWA-Liste natürlich auffallen, dass hier
apple kiwi
Äpfel mit Birnen (bzw. Kiwis, siehe Bild oben) verglichen werden (z.B. dass wir “Anteil PI aus AT in %” nicht berücksichtig haben). ÖWA Zahlen sind ein wichtiges Marketinginstrument in Österreich und bei Marketingzahlen sucht man sich natürlich aus, welche man wie kommuniziert. :)

Wir finden das toll. Wir finden euch toll. Danke. Zeit den Sekt aufzumachen.


Verified Link FAQ

What is a verified link?

A verified link is a spot link that has been editorially classified as being ‘awesome’ (or at least ‘useful’) and therefore has a lovely green check mark (or tick, if you prefer) next to it.

Mon Ami

Who can mark a link as verified?

Tupaleros (Tupalo community members) with the special “Secret Order of Tupalo” badge can do this – but only if the link fulfills certain pre-defined criteria.

What criteria must a verified link fulfill?

1) It must be the one and only official website of that business.
This means: no links to Facebook fan pages, no links to directories, and no links to anywhere but the official business site.
2) The site must fulfill basic accessibility standards.
This basically means: “NO FLASH ONLY SITES” (basically just because we don’t like Flash.)
3) The site must offer some information that is currently not displayed on
E.g. an up-to-date menu, honest product information, or anything else that makes it worth a visit.
4) There must be no affiliation between the reviewer and the business (website) reviewed.

In general, if you think, “Hey, that website is cool – and I want to tell other people,”, go ahead and verify the link.

There must not be any (under any circumstances) monetary (or other material i.e. gifts, “free” stuff) incentives for a reviewer to verify a link.

How do I get the “Secret Order of Tupalo” badge?

That’s a secret. But once every full moon (or so), in a secret meeting, we choose some “Power Users” – Tupaleros who have written a lot of high quality reviews – to join.

I own business X with website XY. Can you mark my link as verified?

No. Contacting the team will also not help. It’s a community member decision, but if you tell some of your customers to give you a **honest** review on, there is a chance that some of our old school Tupaleros will see the review. Then, if your website is awesome (and if the Tupalero has the “Secret order of Tupalo” badge), there is nobody stopping him or her verifying the link.

That said, any confirmed report of a business owner spamming or bribing a Tupalero to verify a link will result in the blacklisting of that specific link.

What if there are verified spam links?

If we find verified links that can clearly be identified as spam, we’ll kick the user out of the “Secret Order” and revert all his or her verified links back to unverified.

Why such a fuss about that small green check mark?

Well, the small green check mark is one thing, but there’s something else going on in the background. All our spot links are “nofollow”, which is a technology to discourage spam. As anybody can add a spot to, we want to make sure that spammers don’t try to … well … spam us. But… this “nofollow” is a little bit unfair, because a lot of websites are actually pretty cool. So a verified link is set to “dofollow”, which is just a plain old direct link. So even though this is a small feature, it makes us potential vulnerable to spam – which is not something we want. That’s why we make such a fuss (and such long FAQ) about it.

Anything else?

Remember: life is beautiful. Have fun and, now and then, take some time to look up to the sky.