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Celebrating World Cat Day in Vienna. Meow.

It’s International Cat Day and that’s something to celebrate, we figured. I for one will go to Cafe Neko later today, despite my allergies. Neko is one of Vienna’s newest cafes and home to (at least) five shelter cats. The cafe is the brainchild of Takako Ishimitsu, a Japanese woman who moved to Vienna 20 years ago. Apparently, cat cafe’s are quite common in Japan…

Developer Consti and his pet dog – ehhh – cat.*

Neko is a smart move if you can’t have cats for whatever reason (be it a busy lifestyle, or relatives with allergies – I’m sorry). Considering getting a cat? Or looking for a treat for your pet? Today is the perfect day for (window)shopping at petstores!

For obvious reasons Crêpe Cat in Donauzentrum and  Schwarze Katze in 6th district to be the places to be tonight. And if you wanna get your little fellow that special treatment for their big day, why not drop them off for a prettifying experience at Jean Peau Hunde- und Katzensalon?!

The soundtrack of this day depends on the listener. Old skool type? Of more modern cat?

* Want to catify your pictures too? Download Catwang (iPhone only).

Happy Cat Day. Meow.

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