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Did you spot our business stickers yet?

If you live in Vienna, Rotterdam or Amsterdam you might have spotted our window stickers at one or two businesses’ doors. We started handing them out to the businesses we really like and that have a high rating on And the awesomest thing is: the Vienna ones are NFC-enabled and lead you to the mobile page of the spot you’re visiting or walking by.

Our new algorithm makes our ranking way more fair, but we need you continuous feedback for that! We hope that our window stickers serve as little reminders to keep reviewing and sharing your favorite businesses on, be it restaurants or shops. business window sticker

Business owners can learn from your experiences and get in touch with their customers by – for instance – commenting on reviews. Lucky for them all those reviews make them stand out from the competition even more in search engines. They might just find their new regulars among the 4 million web users that visit our site every month!

Are you a business owner and would you like a ‘review us’ minded sticker on your door? Drop us an email [Email address: floor #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] and we’ll make sure you get one!

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