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Hi I’m Kasia and I’m new at



Hi I’m Kasia and I’m new at… haha that sounds so funny but ok, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’ve lived in Warsaw for almost 8 years. I moved here to study Food Technology (seriously!) and after 3 years I decided to also start studying Marketing and Management. Around the same time I started working at Mazovian Unit – the Polish organization where I helped small businesses to get and spend money (properly) from EU programmes. I liked this job but after 2 years I had that feeling that it’s not exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I moved to Amsterdam where I spent an amazing two months, working with and around startups and meeting new people. I hope to get back there soon, to spend some more time.

Kasia Amsterdam

After that I decided to move back to Warsaw where I got an awesome job at becoming Community Manager for Tupalo Warszawa. I can seriously say that I’m happy and do what I really love. So what will I be responsible for? Reviews, adding new spots, social media, promotion and many other things but what is more important: I will show you how awesome and useful is!

Something more about me: I love Apple (especially my MacBook Air and iPhone). I love sun, vanilla latte, ice-cream, the color pink (you could tell looking at my bike right?), bags and earrings (I have quite a nice collection).

I am a cat lover. I have one, its name is Chirro and it’s the sweetest cat ever.

In my free time I usually go to gym, watch a good movie or just spend time with my friends or family.

On this blog I will write about Warsaw, interesting places and events which you should visit. Hope you will all enjoy my blogposts!

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