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How I ate my way through Rotterdam

As dedicated readers of our blog, you all probably know that we launched our community in Rotterdam last week, which meant that I got to go to “Roffa” (as the locals call it…) too and that I got to experience the best of Dutch cuisine as curated by my colleague Floor.

In Rotterdam food comes out of the wall and so the first Dutch thing I had was a kroketjes from the wall at Febo. The inside was superhot, just as it is meant to be. Apparently people like to eat kroketjes at parties so that they have something to talk about:
“Oh, my kroketjes is so hot!”
“Yah, mine too.”
Well… Great conversation starter for sure! Also at a later point during my trip someone introduced me to the app “101 Conversation Starters”. Should I conclude now, that the Dutch find it hard to start conversations? Hm. I’m not sure.. ;)

In the evening my colleague cooked for me. We had rookworst with stamppot. And afterwards something called dubbele vlaflip. Yummy. All ingredients can be bought at Albert Heijn by the way. Just in case you’re wondering.

Of course I also got to eat kapsalon, the ultimate Dutch after-partying-specialty, which may only be eaten after the consumption of 5+ beers. Fries, kebab meat, salad, hot sauce and cheese in a take-out bowl from De Sjeik Shoarma are what I consider ultimate food porn. (Yes, I admit, the combination sounds a little weird and scary, but what to you expect from a dish, that is named ‘barber shop’?!)

So after the kapsalon I thought, I’d seen it all. Well. Little did I know when I entered the Corky Bar for my first ever pannenkoeken experience! It all started rather normal. Pancakes were made, drinks were had and the evening was off to a good start. And then we sat down for dinner. OMG! Let me just say 4 things: Pancake. Bacon. Sirup. All in one! Crazy Dutch people!!

Anyway. I had a great time. And great food! You should try it too! :)

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