I think your review is funny!

The possibility to respond to the reviews of fellow Tupalo members is baked deep into the Tupalo mindset. But what if there’s not really something you’d like to add? What if you actually just want to give a virtual ‘thumbs up’? That’s where our “helpful/funny/cool” checkmarks (aka HFC in the office) come in handy.

Right beneath every review you’ll find 3 buttons:

When you click on ‘funny’ for instance, the reviewer gets an email from us letting him or her know that you noticed the wit and care he or she put in to the write-up. How’s that for a reward, huh? Clicked on the wrong checkmark because your eyes were still moist from laughing? Just hit the same button again and the green check disappears. And, yes, you can mark a review as helpful AND funny AND cool!

Naturally you won’t see the buttons beneath your own reviews, but we do list any feedback you get on your user profile. Go and check it out if you’ve lost track already ;) :

You can spot review talent on our city pages (check out New York!) or on the leaderboard of your city.

Don’t let your fellow reviewers hanging – tell them what you think of their reviews! :)

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