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Investigating the Lifestyle of Urban France

Paris, September 8th, 2011 – Without doubt there are many gourmands, party people and beauty queens to be found in the French population. But where in urban France do most of them live? The Team has had some fun and done some investigation based on its data to find out a little more about French cities and their inhabitants. is a Social Search Community visited by millions of people each months, who are looking to give and get recommendations on their favorite businesses in their local communities. In France has already found many fans and supporters, especially in the French urban areas.

Without doubt France is known for its extravagant way of life and so the team has played around with some data and compared the density of businesses in the categories restaurants, night life and beauty in the five largest French cities Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and Nice.

All over the world people people swarm to French restaurant if they are looking for a night out with fancy food and classy touch. The high restaurant density per inhabitant in French cities is thus not surprising. But where is the food lovers’ French capital? According to it’s in Lyon, where most restaurants per inhabitant are. On the party side, nightlife in Toulouse cannot be beaten and it is not surprising that Nice, famous for its extravagant lifestyle, is the French beauty capital with 314 beauty spots.

Although in total numbers Paris overtakes all the other cities, it doesn’t win in any of the lifestyle categories when population size is taken into consideration. Despite the great results for the smaller urban areas, quality obviously still beats quantity and so checking the reviews on might be a good idea, when looking for a great place to go or business to try given the big choice in the French urban areas!

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