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It’s all about “liking” your favorite local spot

Showing love for the restaurant of your choice, or for getting the best teeth ever made from your close by dentist is important. The web transforms how such local businesses attract new customers, and how they are being honored for doing a good job.

Besides from writing a review for such places, there is other ways to give them Kudos. Sharing it with your friends is probably one of the more efficient ones. And when it comes to “friends” there is no way around social networking giant Facebook. The controversial company that made worldwide friendship a phenomenon and made everybody friens with Kevin Bacon – by 6 degrees. has now also a nifty, simple and elegant way of letting your Facebook friends know, how much you like a certain place.

Just click on the infamous “like” button and share it with your Facebook friends instantly. If you are reading this blog, then the best place to start your “tour de like” is problaby here: LIKE IT

Now, you might ask, what about my not so positive experiences? The hair in the soup. The 45minute waiting time at your local hairdresser?

Well, since Facebook does not offer a “dislike” button (yet), you’ll just have to stick with your positive experiences until now :)

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