Just a heads up: we’ve improved navigation

You might have noticed our new and improved search already. For those of you who did not: go ahead, take it for a ride! For those of you who have, let me tell you a little more about why we changed it.

The old navigation bar did not offer enough space to show you recommendations, we needed a drop-down menu for that. A huge improvement is the auto-completion for cities and categories, making searching for – say an Italian restaurant in Vienna – way easier. Plus, before it wasn’t that easy to switch between cities, we decided to move to ‘find x in y’, for a more seamless and intuitive navigation experience, where everything is in one place!

With the new navigation we put the fun back in searching. Search for coffee roasters in Vienna and you’ll find espresso bars, neatly ranked and (when available) with a picture! Fat chance you’ll find the place to have dinner!

restaurants Vienna

We’d be happy to hear what you guys think of our new search experience as well as feedback and suggestions for future features or improvements to the website! Thanks!

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