Industry, Startups should go hyperlocal

It must have been a couple of busy days for Lars Hinrichs. Having invested as an angel in Samedi, now HackFwd’s first second baby launched publicly:

It seems that is one of those startups that are supposed to be coming out of a disruptive incubator like HackFwd. The idea is rather new and I’m not aware of any startups out there that are doing something comparable (please let us know via ‘Comments’ if you do.) Essentially it’s a personalized affiliate program that enables customers, who share their love for products with their peers (via Facebook and Twitter), to receive up to 15% of the product’s price. From those 15%, the company takes 25% and 75% go to the user who referred a customer.

Apart from a lovely user interface, the application’s success will be highly dependent on the viral spread among Facebook. That’s why a simple yet effective Facebook App comes with the initial package. You can simply paste the product’s URL into a field and make it a shareable item among your friends – truly a very low entry of barrier and an innovative usage for Facebook Connect. There’s also a Bookmarklet for browsers, which adds another sharing layer.

In regards to and other local startups out there, we’d like to see such a model being applied to real world businesses, not just online. With mobile applications and Check-ins, there is definitely a way to combine real rewards for sharing product love.

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