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My 5 favorite Christmas Markets in Vienna

Christmas makes people suddenly crave warm alcoholic beverages, tolerate queues and glittery pretty-pretties. This virus hits me too. I’d normally stay far away from Vienna’s busiest shopping streets during the weekends and I enjoy my wine chilled. But the crowded Christmas markets of Austria’s capital city are now my favorite hang-out. Here’s to hoping they’ll sell glittery deathstars for this year’s Christmas tree!

Winter im MQ

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Winter im MQ is my all time favorite. I’m not sure what exactly does the trick here. Is it the variety of punsch stands (go for Halle, they put marshmallows in your glühwein)? The music? The artsy projections? The being surrounded by peers? All I know is that I spent a good amount of time here. And that I started collecting this years mugs again… sst! ;)

Weihnachtsmarkt am Spittelberg (1070)
Many a night I’ll start at the market in Spittelberggasse, making my way up to Siebensterngasse towards MQ for a drink. This year there is a stand selling Mexican wrestling masks. Now that would make for an interesting Christmas present, wouldn’t it?

Wiener Christkindlmarkt – Wiener Adventzauber (Rathausplatz, 1010)
It’s like stepping into a postcard. The Rathaus looks just perfect and I love it that all trees are crammed with christmassy lights in all shapes and colors. There is all sorts of attractions for kids and stands that I enjoy browsing; knitted accessories, candy and hysterical baubles.

Weihnachtsmarkt am Karlsplatz (1010)
A big enough market with the impressive Karlskirche in the background. The mix of stands is fair enough and as a result you’ll see shoppers from all ages. Also, last year they had animals walking around. I like animals.

Weihnachtsdorf – Altes AKH Universitätscampus (1090)

The Christmas market at the ‘Altes AKH’ is like a little village. Apart from the ‘Ramschläden’, you’ll find great (Indian! Mango!) punsch here. Escape the big city for once, forget about the classic Christkindl market at Rathausplatz and indulge yourself in oldskool frumpiness!

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