(Not Entirely Serious) Cashmob Survivial Guide

Attending the next Cash Mob in Vienna @ feinkoch and nervous about it? First of all: awesome you’re coming! And secondly: no need to be nervous, ’cause we have the ultimate Cash Mob Survival guide for you!


Tip 1

Bring a friend. Then you have someone to consult you in your shopping. And shopping is always more fun with friends, right?!

Tip 2

Research upfront (in detail) how you want to spend 10+ Euro, cause when the heat is on and the cashmobbers are in shopping mood, crazy things happen. Crazy, crazy things… :-O

Tip 3

Ask random people, you don’t know, whether they found out about the cash mob on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a great conversation startet and let’s be honest, those really are the two only options. (Besides: I walked past the shop, saw there’s people and drinks and started to totally want to be part of the cash mobbing…)

Tip 4

Avoid wearing backpacks or carrying around weird shaped objects, for you might hit cabinets or push over glass jars filled with jummie stuff. Actually never mind. You will need that backback to carry home all your shopping. So please do wear a backpack.

Tip 5

Theobaldgasse is home of the hip, dress appropriately.

Tip 6

Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. Ever.

Tip 7

Go for an espresso at Akrap Espressobar next to feinkoch. Don’t mind the misleading name, the coffee is actually really good. And strong. Just what you need, before a shopping spree.

Tip 8

Act cool, wander around like you don’t really need that fresh-made pesto and then grab it when nobody (alternatively everybody) is watching..

Tip 9

Overshare how you’ve got the perfect knife to slice those eggplants. Practice your creepy smile in front of the mirror.

Tip 10

Wear a hat. Why? Don’t know. We just like hats.

And if you’re still nervous despite following all of our great (and not 100% serious) advice, you can always hold on to a can of Red Bull, ginger beer or any other type of beverage of your choice. Feinkoch sure has a broad selection! :D

Looking for the Facebook Event of the next cash mob in Vienna @ feinkoch? Click HERE!

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