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ÖWA August,, Nr 4

Do you know the feeling when you know that you’re awesome, and then somebody in a gray suit comes along, taps you on the shoulder and says, “You are awesome!”

gray suit

That’s what happend last week, when ÖWA, the “Österreichische Webanalyse” (think Nielsen of Austria or, in German, “Auflagenkontrolle”), published their August rankings.

Yeah, you (as you are reading this, you are part of this success) are also awesome. You, with your Unique Client superpower, helped us to beat the following companies:

and other stuff.

We’re also hot on‘s heels, so who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t broken our ÖWA tracking code for two days?

ÖWA - August

As rankings go though, all rankings are ultimately meaningless. As every website is different, it’s like comparing pears to apples, Apples to Game Boys, Game Boys to Facebook and Facebook to Google. Also, there are a lot more arrows and sorting choices on that chart which will show another picture.

If you’re interested what your Unique Client superpower is, ÖWA has a complicated, advanced calculation logic in place that tries to determine how many unique people see a website. Which is an impossible task. Anyway, it uses the same logic for all the measured websites (and looks very closely that every website property implements it in the same way), which is why the numbers are comparable, which is why some people (especially those with advertising money spending powers) deem them important., Nr. 4, We like. Thank you.

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