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Rails + Girls = Ruby Magic :)

I just returned from a little tech adventure – I had the pleasure to be one of the happy participants of the Rails Girls event in Zürich! :)

As a project manager I usually don’t code… but of course it is always good to have some knowledge in that area, especially when you are working at a web company (duh!). During the day you pick up a lot of things and hear all different kind of terms and geek speak when listening to your fellow co-workers from development. Backend, frontend, database, method, string, object, unicorns, master, server, commit, pull request… Yeah, sure – I kind of know what all of this is. But, there are a couple of white spaces on the map. And to get the big picture on that topic, white spaces are not very helpful.

I heard about Rails Girls quite some time ago when the TupaBoys attended the Railsberry conference in Krakow and were quite impressed by the Rails Girls presentation Linda Liukas (Co-Founder of gave at that occasion. And since the Rails Girls events are currently taking place in different locations all over the world I wanted to be part of it and applied. Thus, last Friday I packed my bags for Zürich and dived into the world of Ruby on Rails. After the installation party on Friday evening and some very useful tips from the coaches, I was totally prepared for the big day.

The workshop itself (on Saturday) was filled with interactive sessions, lightning talks, an introduction to the world of technology and Ruby on Rails. In addition, there were abundant opportunities to network and chat while indulging in delicious food and drinks.
What I really liked about the Rails Girls Event is that there were participants with all different kind of backgrounds… students, moms, attorneys, bloggers and developers. It was a fun day, spent with a friendly and highly motivated female crowd.

All in all a very pleasant experience… let’s see what comes next. Ah, I know already – there will be a Rails Girls event in Vienna pretty soon! :)

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