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Records and bikes in Vienna


Here is my weekend guide for bike, record and food lovers.


I would start my day at Naschmarkt. It is a very nice food market where you find basically everything. Great place to get good breakfast to start your day. You might wanna think ahead and buy some stuff for a sunday picnic! Falafel with hummus and Turkish bread, different cheeses plus wine. There is also a flea market (only saturdays) where you can find some true treasures. Earlier you go the better it is.

Next I would head towards the 7th district that has basically everything from good cafés to great record and fashion stores. If Metal music is your type of stuff, I have to recommend Totem-records at Zollergasse. This tiny and dark-as-hell shop has the best collection of all kind of metal music. Lots of cd’s and vinyls, but the cherry on top is all the old metal classics on vinyl. Prices for those are a bit higher but worth paying!

After wandering the streets in 7th it’s time to stop for espresso at Radlager on Westbahnstraße. This small cafe/bikeshop is maybe my favourite spot in Vienna. Beautiful old racing bikes and best italian coffee and beverages makes this worth stopping by. The guys also throw nice parties occasionally on friday and saturday nights so good for night action as well. Record store Substance, next door, has a good selection of vinyls, but some CD’s as well. All kinds of music is available as long it’s not on the billboard. On the other side of the street from Radlager there is this sketchy old white building. Go to the courtyard (entrance from Bandgasse) and you’ll find nice artwork made by Belgian artist Roa. Make sure you also look behind the door!


A man’s got to eat so, maybe it’s time to go down to Burggasse where restaurant/cafe Wirr is located. This place has a wizard working in the kitchen. I have eaten almost everything on the list and this wizard has never let me down. All food is bio and nice selection for vegeterians as well. On weekends the breakfest is served untill 4pm. So especially if suffering from a hangover these guys have full english breakfest on the menu.

 From Burggasse I would head to Lerchenfelderstraße which is the dividing street between 7th and 8th districts. There you find second hand shop Humana with quite nice selection of vintage clothes, both for men and women. Also worth checking out is Moses Records. Huge selection of used records for GREAT prices. Cd’s about 6€ each and vinyls go for about 10€. The whole back room is filled with old vinyls and cd’s for less than 2€ each.


It’s time to enjoy relaxing drink with an umbrella before heading back to your hotel, hostel, sofa, dark corner, where ever you are staying. Maybe at MQ? Kantine at MQ is great with very relaxed interior. Nice drinks and good music, best salads in town. The bookstore is right next to it, but leave that for tomorrow, Ok?


Time to get out of bed, pack the lunch you bought yesterday. Sunday is a great day to cycle in Vienna. Streets are rather empty and, well, almost everything is closed. If you didn’t bring your own bike with you no worries. You might have already seen that Vienna has a great city bike system. Get one of those bikes and enjoy Vienna cruising around.

Cycle through the empty city and head down to Donau kanal to see latest graffiti art. Best spot over there is around Rossauerbrücke and Augartenbrücke. Then head to Augarten in 2nd district. Very beautiful park where you can enjoy your lunch and relax. This is well worth going to even on a crisp autumn day. Since your in 2nd maybe a spin at one of the machines at Prater amusement park.

Get back on your bike and head to the 3rd district to Löwengasse where the Hundertwasser house is. Good exhibitions all year around. But also it is just worth going there because of the building itself. Amazing!

Next stop is again the almighty Museum quarters. Head to MQ where you find this bookstore right side of main entrance. Very nice selection of all kind of books and often with discount prices.

Have a nice weekend!!!


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