Review Guidelines

Authenticity and Relevance
Keep it real folks. Write only about your honest, real-life experiences as a customer of businesses or services without getting personal or abusive. Follow this guideline and we’ll all live happily together.

Conflict of Interest
Reviews should be authentic, objective and, above all, unbiased. If you feel there is any form of conflict, please do not post the review. For example, owners should not review their own business or competitors NOR have their friends write shill reviews in order to make their business look more positive. In addition, employees shouldn’t review their current employers, nor rant about employment policies.

Personal Attacks
You are ultimately responsible for what you’ve written, so do not include forms of language which may be construed as defamatory or slanderous against the particular business. Rants about the employment policies of certain businesses, hate speech, sexism, bigotry and other lewdness is uncalled for and will result in our filters removing your reviews. Just keep it real.

Second-hand Experiences
Avoid hearsay. For example, don’t give a negative review to a restaurant just because your mother’s uncle’s cousin didn’t like his turkey on rye. Your reviews should be just your experiences – not someone else’s.

Try not to copy and paste reviews from other services. If you wrote them, then by all means we’re happy to have you on Tupalo, but maybe now’s the time to refresh your past reviews with updated information?

Blank and Two-word Reviews
Don’t just post a blank review or a two-word review. “Cool” is not as informative as you may think and many will just ignore the message you’re trying to get across. Come on, flex your head and write at least a sentence – or maybe 10.

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