Straight Drive Outta Compton

‘Inspirational’ is the only word to describe this wonderful story. Being the cricket fans we are, we just had to spread the word.

Cricket team tours are nothing new, nor is the concept of cricket in the USA, but the story of Compton Cricket Club is something very special indeed. Just how did the all-too-often maligned city of Compton end up with a cricket team? And how on earth did that team end up on a tour of Australia?

Some insight from their history. The team was founded “in 1995 by homeless activist Ted Hayes and Hollywood movie producer Katy Haber with the goal of combatting “the negative effects of poverty and homelessness through the civilizing qualities of… cricket. The team was comprised of homeless men and was operated in conjunction with Justiceville/Homeless USA.

“The team’s mission is to curb the negative effects of juvenile delinquency and negative youth gang activities as well as engendering civil and productive citizenship beginning in Compton-Los Angeles, California, throughout the United States and the world. In 1997 the Cricket Concept in Los Angeles was furthered through high school workshops, which lead to the creation of Compton Cricket Club and the Homies & Popz “America’s Cricket Team”, which emerged as the first All American-born team.

“The Compton Homies and the Popz includes Latino/Hispanic – Mexican (Mesoamerican), American Blacks and others, some of whom are ex-gang & tagging members, as well as those who were good upstanding school students and obedient children to their parents.”

What a story. And, as the USA was involved in the first ever country vs country cricket match (in 1844, quiz fans), it’s fitting that Compton CC has blazed a new international trail.

Compton Cricket Club, we at Tupalo in Vienna, Austria salute you – and hope that one day we’ll be able to see you live in action in Compton.

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