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“We almost won at Risk, for #8i2012 is represented on close-to-all continents!”

Just 2 more weeks till you can use your talent(s) for the greater good during 8-i in Vienna. Friday the 30th we’ll skip TGIF this once and work 8 hours overtime for a good cause. We had a little chat with the initiators of this charitable event, Nynke Vos and Herman Kopinga.

8 hours overtime

What cities are participating?
“At least 15 cities join in on 8-i, we’re particularly proud of ‘acquiring’ San Fransisco, Vienna, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and Berlin. We’ll sit in on the Münster edition.”

What does the 8-i headquarters look like?
“Our HQ is 80% bar, 20% kitchentable. And 20% coffee, 30% tea, 40% port, 10% vitaminestuff. We run on enthusiasm, an unhealthy dose of naivety and a touch of professional laziness.” Continue Reading