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The coolest interactive campaign you’ll ever see

To all people out there under 18 years of age, we strongly recommend not clicking on any of the following links. We pity you.

French high-class water producer Perrier has teamed up with an ad agency and Burlesque dancer Dita van Teese to create a unique and interactive online experience called Perrier by Dita. Van Teese, who is more famous in Europe than in her home country, the US, gained some popularity in Austria for being at last year’s Life Ball and showing off her skin in a uber-big glass of champagne filled with bubbles and water.

Her prurience has now apparently also caught the attention of Perrier, which is why they decided to create this expensive and complex campaign for marketing a new Dita van Teese branded Perrier drink. Apart from the fact that there is usually no difference between water, except for the one marketing people are trying to inject into our brains, those self-same marketing people did a really good job in promoting the drink.

‘Nuff said. Turn on your speakers, click here and get the kids ouf of the room. Enjoy.

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