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The hottest sh*t in New York City

Thanks to the awesome people behind Insiderei, we are able to gain some culinary insight in what’s currently hot in New York City. They did a short interview with the CEO of “Crystal of America”, which per se, not a lot of people have probably heard of. However, looking at the last name of the guy giving out these great recommendations, you might see something familiar: Maximilian Riedel. The sprout of the world-renowned austrian glass manufacture has been living in NYC for 10 years and has some great tips for your next trip to New York City. Expect some pricey but worth watching, drinking and eating places in the Big apple:

American Restaurant in New York: DGGB Kitchen & Bar DGGB Kitchen & Bar

Another world-class piece in the puzzle of chef Daniel Boulud. Boulud operates multiple bars and restaurants all over NYC and is a frequent visitor in the the most prestigious restaurant critics guides, such as Guide Michelin. DBGB was installed near the former underground rock club CBGB (and quickly cease-and-desisted by the owners of CBGB) and offers one of the best burgers in town. Check out the website for some mouthwatering photos of those burgers.

On the lower Eastside Riedel recommends Bar in New York: Schiller's Liquor Bar Schiller’s Liquor Bar for an amazing selection of spirits and Restaurant in New York: Inoteca Inoteca is apparently one of the best places to get lunch.

One of the current Celeb Hot spots is Restaurant in New York: The Upholstery Store The Upholstery Store. Owned and operated by an Austrian who is already well-known in Austria since his first gastronomy endavour Blaue Gans, The Upholstery Store is a tiny wine bar, with two rooms, offering space for 20 people.


Pricey but delicious is Restaurant in New York: Eleven Madison Park Eleven Madison Park. A superb restaurant on Madison Avenue, but cheaper than Thomas Keller’s French Restaurant in New York: Per Se Per Se.

Riedel decorates another Austrian (former Barkeeper Albert Trummer), by mentioning current Hipster Bar Bar in New York: Apotheke Bar Apotheke Bar. A sought-after bar, in remembrance of a pharmacy in the 50s.

Bar in New York: The Rusty Knot The Rusty Knot and Restaurant in New York: Employees Only Employees Only are also a safe place if you wish to enjoy late night cocktails and other fun stuff. The latter one is only accessible via an ordinary mexican place and its back door for “employees only”. Makes sense.

A place that would only exist in NYC? Bar in New York: Angel's Share Angel’s Share – Well hidden in the backroom of a japanese FastFood joint and in the not-so-known japanese quarter of New York. The bar has also been voted as one of New York’s best dating bars.

Thanks to Insiderei and Maximilan Riedel who provided this awesome list of hipster places in New York. We are big fans of the City here at and sure to check some of them out next time we are there.

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