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The story of 4 Tupaleros and a lot of Rails Girls

Last weekend four Tupaleros went to Zürich to take part as coaches and participant at a Rails Girls event. Our “Rails Girls veteran” Consti was joined by Michi and myself (Johannes) as additional coaches at the event and Nina, who participated after she caught the Ruby on Rails virus and decided to get herself into serious & fun web development. Learn more about Railsgirls and Nina’s experience in her post.

Look, that’s Michi giving a lightning talk! (picture by Daniel Puglisi

It’s great to share your enthusiasm and experience for web-development in Ruby and Rails it’s also a great opportunity to get to know the local Ruby and Rails community and check out their favorite places and venues. I mean, after all we are Tupalo employees ;) Rails Girls Zürich proved to be of especial greatness. The event itself took place at the Hub Zurich, a collaborative space, but more above all, “a space for encounters, exchange and inspiration, full of diverse people doing amazing things”. The Hub is nicely located inside a train viaduct in Zurich’s hip district 5 and it’s part of a global network of collaborative spaces (btw. also has a Vienna branch). Additionally, a big plus for the the superb, diverse (+vegan, +lactosefree) and perfectly organized catering by Koru Lounge+Cafe.

Me! Helping! (picture by Daniel Puglisi)

Zürich West or District 5 is probably the city’s fastest developing district. It’s a former industrial part of the city, which changed rapidly over the last years and now features one of the city’s main entertainment districts, especially around the Escher-Wyss-Platz. Two spots one must check out, are the spheres, a bar, cafe, bookshop, venue and publisher all in one and Wurst und Moritz.

Nina (blue scarf)! Learning! (picture by Daniel Puglisi)

Here old industrial halls were hollowed out and repopulated with cafes, bars and galleries and other cultural venues. The first one worth mentioning is the Schiffbau, which historic shipbuilding halls now make room for a cultural center, theater hall together with the Schauspielhaus, a restaurant, a tower bar and a jazz club. And there’s Giessereihalle.

In contrast to the almost raw, provisional feel that some of the clubs around these area feature, there is also the large Abaton multiplex cinema and it’s accompanying restaurants, which have a more mainstream character.

Consti! Err… Consti? (picture by Daniel Puglisi)

Also within walking distance is the currently in renovation Löwenbräu art complex, featuring the new Kunsthalle Zürich, a good and influential museum for contemporary art.
For staying around in the area there’s the Ibis Zürich West, the Ibis Budget or the Novotel Zürich West. For more hotels in and around Zurich check (what else?).

Stay tuned for more Swiss awesomeness, since we are in the early stages of getting more Swiss data and broaden our reach over the Bodensee!

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