“We almost won at Risk, for #8i2012 is represented on close-to-all continents!”

Just 2 more weeks till you can use your talent(s) for the greater good during 8-i in Vienna. Friday the 30th we’ll skip TGIF this once and work 8 hours overtime for a good cause. We had a little chat with the initiators of this charitable event, Nynke Vos and Herman Kopinga.

8 hours overtime

What cities are participating?
“At least 15 cities join in on 8-i, we’re particularly proud of ‘acquiring’ San Fransisco, Vienna, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and Berlin. We’ll sit in on the Münster edition.”

What does the 8-i headquarters look like?
“Our HQ is 80% bar, 20% kitchentable. And 20% coffee, 30% tea, 40% port, 10% vitaminestuff. We run on enthusiasm, an unhealthy dose of naivety and a touch of professional laziness.”

That Nynke and Herman drive on enthusiasm shows through their sudden happy outbursts: “we just received an email from Maria Ines Garcia that she’d like to do something to. She lives in Segovia and heard of the event through a friend from Rio de Janeiro!” Similar story: someone in Berlin enthused an administrator of an exhibition space in San Francisco, hence the SF edition.

Milestones so far?
1 Realizing we almost won at Risk, for 8-i is represented on close-to-all continents!
2 It does not matter what we two want, 8-i is like a magic spell. It seems to work all around the world. Then the trick (or: challenge) is to not stand in the way of the potential that’s in there.
3 That 8-i is now taking over the world, provides an extra boost, even for existing organizers in the Netherlands.

What are you looking forward to?
“What we look forward to most are the pictures and movies from the rest of the world. And experiencing the wrap-up of 8-i Sydney before Europe even starts working overtime! And the whole sleeping on the couch in Münster because someone offered us to experience this party abroad.

That it ‘just works’ seems to us the best result and actually already one of our accomplished milestones. Our ambition was to get this thing started in about 10 cities around the world (and then a little scattered probably). When you need Google Maps to find out where this city lies that just signed up, that’s just incredible!”Tupalo set up the Vienna edition to take place march the 30th at Sektor5. In need of karma-points? Hyperactive? Or just a good person? Join us! ‘Like’ our page, to stay updated on the matter. And/or follow us on twitter. And of course, feel free to (drop by and) tweet-facebook-googleplus about what will be an awesome event, even if you’re not (officially) participating!

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