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Weekend in Budapest

I had an amazing weekend in Budapest and thought I’d share some tips with you. I have to say, I fell in love with the city and its cafes and spas!

Day 1:
When I arrived in Budapest on friday night, it was already dark. We thought it would be the best time to take a bus up to the Buda Castle and see the view from there across the Danube to Pest. It was magical! The old buildings, like the Parliament house, looked amazing against the dark sky. We took a winding, cobbled road down to the Chain bridge. Continuing our romantic walk, we crossed the bridge and admired the castle on the hill behind us. I always find the history and architecture of old cities like Budapest fascinating!

As we still had some time before meeting up with friends, we headed for an old pastry shop A Pesti Jébbüfé. No metter if you go for the sweets or not, it is worth trying the cakes! We had difficulty choosing, but in the end had a piece of a cream cheese pie and a “Francia Krémes” (a caramel topped super-sweet-whipped-cream-cake). Ok, I have to admit, the cake would have been to much for me alone, luckily I had someone with me to share it with.

The last stop for the night was a quirky night club/bar Szimpla Kert. All the furniture is random and looks like it has all been collected from the streets, but all in a good way. A “pommel horse” in the corner seemed to get peoples attention, as did the girls selling carrots (don’t aks me, I have no idea what that was about) and I noticed the door handles were all old telephone receivers. I really liked the atmosphere, but like all popular spots, this too got quite crowded by midnight.

Day 2:
The town of Szentendre is very touristy in the summer, but it was the perfect way to start a sunny saturday in the winter. As I had a local guide with me, I was taken to small museum which I would have never found myself. The Micro Miniature Museum exhibits the works of Nicolai Syadristy. The pieces are so tiny, that they are almost impossible to see with the naked eye, and you have to look at them through a microscope. Who would have imagined that art could be made even on the end of a single hair!

We walked around the town and along the Danube, visited the design shop Palmetta and the Marzipan Museum before heading to Budapest again. I think it is a perfect city for shopping, I found so many cool (and cheap) design shops! The Látomás Király utca and Látomás Dohány utca are well worth checking for jewelry and womens clothing. As they only have a few sizes of each item, you can be quite sure to have something unique.

Next we headed for Mono, a shop owned by the siblings Garam behind the brand Nubu. This shop offers fashion for both men and women, simple in style but fun in design and material, all by young designers from both Hungary and abroad.
Across the road we checked out the second hand shop Retrock before sitting down for hot chocolate at Csendes. I don’t know if I am just easily entertained, but I fell in love with this cafe too! If I lived in Budapest, I would spent all my time here!

Late in the evening we went to check out the former Gödör Klub, now known as Akvárium. I was told this is the place to be in the summer, since the park outside is the only place in the city where it is still allowed to drink your own drinks. But as it was cold, we just stayed inside listening to some hungarian rap. :D

Day 3:
By far the best day was sunday. After walking and walking and walking, we dedicated the whole day for doing nothing. And is there a better place to do this than the Széchenyi Gyógyfürdő spa? We tried out all the pools, most of the saunas, and were done for the weekend. I had trouble staying awake on the way to the bus, and guess if I got any reading done for my upcoming exams on the way back to Vienna…

I had perfect weekend and now I am just waiting for the summer, it is a must to visit this city then again!

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