Working 8 hours overtime. For a good cause.

Two years ago I joined in a collective-working-overtime-session organized by Nieuwe Garde (a network for young creative people) in Roodkapje, Rotterdam. As it turns out, this working overtime – where people put their spare time to use for a good cause – is an annual thing. And this year ‘8-i‘ is taking over the world, one city at the time.

Over at Tupalo we’ve decided to donate our hack week to 8-i. Join us, the 30th of March, at Sektor5 either as a good cause, or as a team member. Wutwut??? We’re putting together 5 teams, each team has 5 members; creatives, communicative talents, (self-proclaimed) social media gurus and other smart asses. They’ll work together on a promotional campaign for one of the good causes that have decided to place their (non-profit) company identity in their capable hands.

To get an idea of the vibe during 8-i, watch the video above!

So… In need of karma-points? Hyperactive? Or just a good person? Join us (or send me an email)! And ‘like’ our page, to stay updated on the matter. And/or follow us on twitter.

And ofcourse, feel free to drop by and tweet-facebook-googleplus about what will be an awesome event, even if you’re not (officially) participating! We’ll keep you posted on charities, participants, sponsors and all other random things happening around the 8-i organization in the upcoming weeks! :)

Follow the worldwide event via twitter.

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