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You can now add pictures to your favorite spots on Tupalo

As of today you can add pictures to your favorite spot or to your review. What with us also moving swiftly to a new category page design (and with our updated spot ranking algorithm in place), we are making things way more visually interesting! You can upload pictures directly from your computer, or use external services like Flickr or Vimeo to embed videos.

For some time our trusted users had the opportunity to try out our photo upload feature. We ourselves played around with it too of course. FloorI add media – Drees uploaded up to 1445 pictures! Now we’d like to see you beat that! ;)

added media

You can find the pictures you uploaded on your profile, right under the tab ‘added media’.

Be sure to check it out and upload some of those snapshots of your lunch (so we can check out where to go next)!

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