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A Dutch princess in Vienna

BFF Moniek will pay me a visit in Vienna. And she comes over at the best possible time; to enjoy a princess-worthy Christmas.

Museums Quartier Vienna

She arrives the 23st, in the evening, and after we’ve dropped off her bags (yes, plural, did I mention she’s a princess yet?) we’ll head over to MQ for a gluhwein.

On saturday we’ll return to the Museums Quartier for the ‘No Fashion Please‘ expo in Kunsthalle. We’ll walk through the Burggarten to the Palmenhaus for lunch. When we’re all full and warmed up again we’ll head to the Sisi museum. And admire the Hofburg alltogether. And we’ll try and get something to eat and our daily dosis of punsch at the Maria-Theresien-Platz.

If at all possible, I’d like to start the sunday at the famous Café Central, walk through the Volksgarten and join my blondhaired friend in one of those horse carriages around the city. Then Kay kindly suggested to go check out the Christkindlmarket at Karlsplatz, for ‘awesome handmade stuff’.

Monday is Schönbrun-day. After a coffee/tea at either Süssi (Melanie’s idea), Café Sperl or Café Ritter – for the necessairy frumpy vibe – we’ll visit Schloß Schönbrunn, walk around a bit, all oh-ah-ing, and visit the kids museum, for Kathrin pointed out to me that you can dress up as princess or prince there:

Highlight ist definitv das Verkleiden als Prinz oder Prinzessin,
das mit bereitgestellten Kostümen für die Kleinen möglich ist.

Now I only need to figure out where to get my dinner and a traditional spritzer on sunday and monday and we’re good to go. If only there was a service for that… O wait! Wasn’t it called Tupalala or something?

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