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Hi! New here? Allow me to introduce Tupalo to you – it won’t take long! Tupalo.com is a social review site where you can discover, rate and share local businesses. You can recommend restaurants, clubs and shops via our website or via our app (iPhone & Android), which additionally allows you to find spots nearby and to check in. (And, should you wish, your check-ins get pushed to Foursquare.)

Tupalo homepage

Our developers are on a continuous quest to make our site more user friendly and to optimize our pages to best fulfill your wishes. But we can’t do everything ourselves, which is why we’re creating a ‘Secret Order of Tupalo‘. Check your profile and, if you spot a mysterious dark badge in there somewhere, you might just be a part of it. This order of trusted users can try out our newest features first and are the ones on top of our invite list whenever we organize a party.

We’re also making Tupalo more visually interesting (with more space for images on our renewed spot pages) to serve the mass of new media uploads we see every day. On our so-called discovery pages you can browse categories (like ‘lunchrooms’ or ‘coffee roasters’) and see which places are trending right now:

We’re particularly active in certain cities, with city guides ‘on the ground’. We share our personal favorites, recommendations from our users, and upcoming events. We organize community events (like a tour and lunch on a cruise ship for our Very Important Users in Rotterdam last summer) and cash mobs, and we arrange give-aways (such as tickets for concerts). Make sure to keep an eye on the activity in your community and connect with your local community manager – Kay in Vienna (Twitter and Facebook), Kasia in Warsaw (Twitter and Facebook), Paul in Amsterdam (Twitter and Facebook), and Moniek in Rotterdam (Twitter and Facebook). Check out the Advent calendars they created this December month, for you to enjoy!

Get in touch and get started! :)

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