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Lean Startup Conference Simulcast in Vienna

On Monday, some of the leading advocates of the Lean Startup Movement gathered in San Francisco for the Lean Startup Conference 2012. The event was streamed to more than 200 locations all over the world and the Lean Startup Circle Vienna was one of the official simulcast partners. More than 30 members of the Group joined the event at Sektor5.

The programm was filled with talks from innovators of startups and established companies alike and gave insights into the lean startup methods in use. I have to admit that the first hour was not easy to follow, so we had a bit of a difficult start – but I partly blame the static camera perspective of the livestream for this. ;)

My takeaways as one of the event hosts are the following:

  • use a different format next time where people can join and leave the conference talks as they like
  • enable engagement in interactive sessions, workshops or games in parallel (instead of using the breaks for this)
  • rather go for the time delay option, show the conference video that is published 48hours after the conference

But altogether a very nice evening with great people and interesting conversations.
A special thanks to everyone that helped to organize it!

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