Boom! New features and updates at Tupalo!

Over the past few months, we’ve been busily updating and improving Tupalo by doing a complete site refresh, including adding and removing many features. We’ve done everything from slashing entire areas of the site, to a massive new update to our user interface and also the ways people interact and connect on Tupalo!

We’re still rolling out additions, large and small, everyday and have quite a few exciting announcements and new features coming over the next few weeks, but for now enjoy the over 1000 improvements we’ve rolled out on Tupalo this weekend!

Here are just a few:

  • Completely new user interface throughout the whole site, enjoy the white space and cleaner experience
  • Want to know what’s up in Houston, Texas or Vienna, Austria? There is much more happening on Tupalo city pages now!
  • Friends are so 2004 man, now follow/unfollow whoever you find interesting, without all the extra baggage declaring a mutual friendship brings with it
  • Big, beautiful Flickr photos of businesses! Take a look at photos of Bok Sushi Bar in Vienna as an example. Photos are still pulled via Flickr machine tags, but we’re working on some great new features so you can add photos to your favorite restaurants!
  • Your user profile is more relevant to you! See status updates from your followed list and see what others are enjoying in their neighborhood
  • Follow along your streets! Want to know what restaurants on Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna are worth visiting, now you can!
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