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In case you missed our recent massive update earlier this week, here’s another little feature we’ve just launched live onto Tupalo!

The most popular businesses on Tupalo now have small QR codes available for you to scan with your smartphones QR code reader! When scanned, your phone will automagically have the contact information, map links and ability to save the businesses contact information to your address book.

Give it a try yourself over at the listing for Naschmarkt Deli in Vienna, Austria. Next to the address is a small QR code link, hover your mouse over it and give it a go (or just scan this one below)

Naschmarkt Deli QR Code

Pretty cool huh? We think so! For Android users we can recommend the Barcode Scanner App, for the iPhone give the NeoReader app a try and if you’re a Symbian, Windows Mobile or JAVA phone user, we wholeheartedly recommend Kaywa.
For business owners, you can of course copy these QR codes for your menus, advertisements or even to repost on your own website! But expect some more QR Code fun in the coming months from Tupalo!
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