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Introducing: Franz Enzenhofer SEO Manager @

Hi, my name is Franz. I’m‘s new SEO Manager. Ok, new is relative, I’ve been consulting since 2009 but I joined full-time a short while ago, because, well because is awesome of course. Pre I worked with i5invest, 123people, tripwolf, dealhamster, bwin, knallgrau, austria press agency, canon and lots of other stuff.

What does a SEO Manager do?

An SEO Manager spams blogs and guestbooks with messages like “You are a mans man, buy [insert drug name here] at [insert site  with a shitty design here] because your are a mans man“.

Just joking. That is what spammers do, not SEOs. To be fair: if it were to work then I would have to do it, but if it were to work, then this job would not be a challenge, so I would not be in this job. Happily this does not work, so I can keep my job, which is great, as I love my job.

So what do I really do?

  1. I make sure that is an active participant in the Google economy.
  2. I make sure that does not f*ck up their site.

or to explain it visually


Yeah, that’s about it. So please follow me on tupalo. If you find me interesting you have the possibility to read (and respond) to my tweets. This is my facebook fan page, this is the facebook fan page of my evil twin. This is my Xing page I optimized for the term “seo manager” and this is my linkedin page, which I never use.

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