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Zum ersten Mal auf

Hallo! Du bist neu auf Tupalo? Wenn ja, dann erlaube mir, Dich für einen Augenblick in die Welt von Tupalo zu entführen. Es wird auch nicht lange dauern! ist eine Bewertungsplattform, auf welcher Unternehmen aller Art entdeckt und bewertet werden können. Du findest hier ganz einfach und schnell die Hot Spots in Deiner Stadt oder kannst nach angesagten Restaurants, Clubs oder Shops suchen. Zudem erfährst Du, was Andere von der entsprechenden Location halten. Mit unseren Mobile Apps (iPhone & Android) siehst Du, welche Spots in Deiner Nähe empfohlen werden und kannst vor Ort dort einchecken. Somit entgeht Dir in Deiner unmittelbaren Umgebung kein Spot mehr und die authentischen Reviews halten Dich up-to-date.

Tupalo home page

Unser Development Team ist stets auf der Suche nach neuen Features, um so benutzerfreundlich wie möglich zu gestalten und Userwünsche bestmöglichst zu erfüllen. Aber wir sind natürlich auch auf Dich als Bewertungsprofi angewiesen. Deswegen bekommen die fleißigsten User unter Euch eine spezielle Badge. Wenn Du im Besitz dieser Badge bist, dann gehörst Du *trommelwirbel* offiziell zu unserer Tupalo Community.

Diese Auszeichnung ist mit einigen Zuckerln verbunden:

1. sie zeichnet Dich als vertrauenswürdigen User aus, was heißen mag, dass Du ehrliche und authentische Reviews auf Tupalo hinterlässt,
2. Du darfst vor allen anderen die neuen Features testen und
3. Du stehst immer auf der Gästeliste für unsere legendären Partys.

Kurz gesagt: Alle Benefits in einer Badge!

Tupalo spot page

Wir bemühen uns kontinuierlich Tupalo so abwechslungsreich und charmant wie möglich zu gestalten – unter anderem mit mehr Platz für Deine Bilder auf unserer Spotpage, denn bekanntlich sagen Bilder mehr als 1000 Worte. Auf der sogenannten Discovery Page kannst Du Deine Stadt oder bestimmte Kategorien (wie zum Beispiel “Eissalons” oder “Kaffeeröster“) entdecken und zugleich auch sehen, welche derzeit im Trend sind:

Tupalo city page

Worauf noch warten? Ready, steady, go!

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Check-in FTW – Tupalo ondersteunt Foursquare checkins en vice versa!

Vanaf vandaag ondersteunen we je checkins via Foursquare, en Foursquare plaatst je checkins via Tupalo gezellig door. Heden kun je dus de app van je keuze gebruiken zonder een ‘mayorship’ of ‘keizerschap’ mis te lopen. En: het bespaart je een hele handeling!

Je zwengelt onze nieuwste feature, met de complimenten van developer in kwestie Sebastian, aan door in de external services tab in je settings op de grote Foursquare button te klikken. And while you’re at it: koppel je Tupalo profiel met Facebook en Twitter, om vrienden te vinden die ook op Tupalo zitten en om je beste / leukste / meest doorwrochte reviews te delen via je favoriete sociale netwerk(en).

Houd er rekening mee dat deze feature nog in Beta is. Laat ons vooral weten wanneer iets niet werkt. (Andere) ideeën en feedback zijn uiteraard altijd welkom!

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How to: get all the Tupalo badges

“So how do I get all the badges?” We get this question a lot. Therefore we wrote a how-to. Now go forth and hunt some badges! There we go:

Check in at at least one spot, using our Android or iPhone app.
You’ll earn this badge right after your 10th check-in.
Just check in a little more. Like 25 times.
Write at least 5 so-called super reviews, reviews containing more than 100 words each.
Write 5 more of those super reviews, and you’ll get the Profilic badge.
This badge is only for the lucky ones that got to pay a visit to our headquarters in Vienna!
This badge requires 100 check-ins.
Only for the go-getters. 250 check-ins in order to get this little bugger.
Write reviews in more than 1 language and the Multilingual badge is yours to keep!
Complete your user profile, thus fill in your bio and link to your blog / Flickr profile or Twitter account, and get the Biographer badge!
This is one badge to brag about to your friends! Book a flight or two, cause writing reviews in 3 countries gets you the much sought-after Globetrotter badge.
Getting this badge means you’re close to dictatorship. Make sure to check in to your favorite places and become the ‘kaiser’ of at least 10 spots!
You’ll get this one as a little token of appreciation after your very first review…
… and this one after your first 5 reviews.
Parttime critic
Now just write 20 more and you’re on to the next level: parttime critic.
Quite the Columbus? Chances are that you’ll write the first review for a spot and earn the pioneer badge!
Aren’t we all? Well yeah, but there are only few who manage to check in to 30 places a month. They are the ones to earn this one.
Now we don’t just hand these out. You have to either work for Tupalo or be an active tupalero. For instance by reviewing spots, adding businesses or checking in often. Earning it puts you at the top of our user list for exclusive community events, parties and giveaways. And our trusted users have some extra rights. They can verify links to businesses’ websites (if awesome / useful) on spot pages. And they are the first to try out new features. Wondered why so many pictures appear – seemingly out of the blue – on lately? That’s the work of our tupalero’s, being the only ones to test our picture upload feature!
Shooting star
With 100 reviews on your account, you’ll hit shooting star status!
Once you’ve written 200 reviews it’s only fair to call you a guru! Be aware: only a select few make it this far. Challenge accepted? Challenge accepted!
This one is easy. Just write a 100 word review about one of your favorite restaurants, shops or clubs!
Tupalo Vienna Punschparty
And then there are the badges that we reserve for the cool people that attend our parties, like the Punschparty at Amerlingbeisl last christmas. Come and get yours! ;)
SS Tupalo
THE proof that you were on the boat with us, during the super exclusive cruise party at the ss Rotterdam!
Summer party 2010
What happens at the Tupalo Summer Party stays at Tupalo Summer Party. Book a flight to Vienna so you can join us next time! ;)
Summer party 2011
What happens at the Tupalo Summer Party stays at Tupalo Summer Party. Book a flight to Vienna so you can join us next time! ;)
Adding some depth to your movie experience? We’ll add a badge to your list!
Tooth fairy
Who thought a dentist visit could be so rewarding?
Würstel FTW
Who could say no to a juicy sausage? Especially when one can earn this meaty badge?
Getting your hipster paws on a unique piece of vinyl or a brand new fixie? We’ll call you hipster from now on.
Athlete badge
Exclusively for the ones that were getting their sports on during this years’ Games.
You have a tendency towards the creepy huh? Your visit to the cemetery or Halloweeny party doesn’t go unnoticed…
Users going out for a vegetarian bite or vegan munchies earn the veggie badge. Go crops!
For seasoned hikers, climbers and skiers only, upon their fifth time at an alpine hut.
Showing of your great singing voice again? Even if no-one can really appreciate your version of ‘Our House’, we still applaud you. Here’s a badge, now please stop.
Cashmob 2012
This one proves you went shopping for a good reason during one of our cash mobs. We salute you.
Warsaw Fashion Weekend
An exclusive for trendy tupaladies that attended Warsaw Fashion Weekend!
Three check-ins at espressobars? You’re clearly keen on caffeine. Or you just want the badge THAT much. ;)
Park life
Occupying park benches gets you places. Places that have their own special badge.
sixxa store
Community, Vienna

Cash mobbing Sixxa organizes the first – EVER – cash mob in Vienna on saturday the 24th of march and I for one can’t wait to have a good reason to spent some money at Sixxa (Kirchengasse 22). During my lunchbreak I went for an inspirational, pre-shopping ‘spaziergang’ to this awesome store. And I know just the things I want/need to buy…

sixxa store

… that little unicorn is screaming for a new mommy and I’ll buy ‘Finding Frank and his friend’ for one of my friends, who’s birthday is coming up soon. I love Sixxa’s book section, and I’d definitely buy more given the opportunity,  but unfortunately I’m on a budget. In need of a present for your nerdy boyfriend / a pair of sleeping shorts for yourself? You simply got to love these robot-boxershorts!

Since cash mobbing is all about discovering cool local businesses you might want to stop by MotMot, Common People, cute little boutique At First Sight and/or Le Shop before 16:00. I’ll make sure to get my energy levels up to speed with a double espresso at my new favorite coffee place Cafe Mentone

… and a good healthy ‘tagespasta’ (and my daily fix of free wifi) at Spirali, right next door to Sixxa.

See you on saturday?

* spoiler alert *
Bring your smartphone with you, you’ll be greatly rewarded with a special badge upon checking in via the Tupalo app (android / iPhone)!