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The Europas – Europes’ Tech Oscar happens on November 19

Every Industry needs its red carpet. That’s an old saying and it’s true (OK, I just made that up).

TechCrunch Europe, one of Europe’s finest Tech Blog (Disclosure: I am an occcasional contributor, but it’s still true) and Europe’s branch for the #1 Tech Blog TechCrunch, is holding its annual Europas Awards Conference in London on November 19, 2010.

To put in Mike Butcher’s own words:

These awards will recognise and celebrate the most compelling technology startups, Internet and mobile innovations of the past year, with the tech community invited to have a say in which finalists should be recognised.

If you want your Startup to be chosen for the finalists then you need to have a Crunchbase profile of your company first. Those will then be reviewed and a selection will be made available to nominate publically.

The event itself takes place in London and will be lots of fun and celebrating Europe’s Tech Scene. Definitely an event not to miss if you look at last year’s impressions. It will be a gathering of VCs, Entrepreneurs, Press People and an overall cool crowd.

The first tranche of tickets is now on sale here.

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