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We at Tupalo HQ think we’re doing something rather special, but music is a magic beyond all we do here.

The Tupalo music playlist is best described – with distinct understatement – as diverse. If our playlist were a corporation, it would be the ultimate equal opportunities employer.

With an employee age range that encompasses the barely twenties to the unfairly forties, and musical preferences that stretch from late Gregorian chants to Lady Gaga chart-toppers and all stations in between, it’s no surprise that a consensus can sometimes be hard to find.

Right now, most of us are listening to “The Only Living Boy in New York” by Simon & Garfunkel segue into The Dickies‘ “Poodle Party”, while the rest have donned headphones and are immersing themselves in their own private sonic universes.

Individual favorites at the moment include ‘Now That’s What I Call The Eighties‘ compilations, Royksopp, Trojan label mixes, Minor Threat and – according to yesterday’s rumor mill – Katy Perry.

No-one’s listening to Justin Bieber though. Maybe he possesses a magic beyond music?

If you have great taste in music – or if you plan to acquire such taste in the future – we highly recommend our friends at the Hype machine

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