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Check-in FTW – Tupalo ondersteunt Foursquare checkins en vice versa!

Vanaf vandaag ondersteunen we je checkins via Foursquare, en Foursquare plaatst je checkins via Tupalo gezellig door. Heden kun je dus de app van je keuze gebruiken zonder een ‘mayorship’ of ‘keizerschap’ mis te lopen. En: het bespaart je een hele handeling!

Je zwengelt onze nieuwste feature, met de complimenten van developer in kwestie Sebastian, aan door in de external services tab in je settings op de grote Foursquare button te klikken. And while you’re at it: koppel je Tupalo profiel met Facebook en Twitter, om vrienden te vinden die ook op Tupalo zitten en om je beste / leukste / meest doorwrochte reviews te delen via je favoriete sociale netwerk(en).

Houd er rekening mee dat deze feature nog in Beta is. Laat ons vooral weten wanneer iets niet werkt. (Andere) ideeën en feedback zijn uiteraard altijd welkom!


We know where the wifi is (free) in Amsterdam

Calling free internet access a basic necessity of life might be pushing it but, let’s be honest, we all love wifi. Whether you’re on the fly for work and have a few hours to kill until the next meeting or just want to clean up your inbox while enjoying a big ass latte, that’s reason enough for the Tupalo team to map all the spots where you can get both free wifi and and a decent (hot) beverage:

Together with Lode Broekman of we’ve indexed all spots in Amsterdam where open networks and coffee come together and we collected them in a clever map for you to browse through. In the center of Amsterdam the spots-with-wifi-network is so dense, you’ll never have to walk more than 70 metres for the next hotspot. Check out our map at Flexplek020 or at! Enjoy.

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Hoek van Holland strand

Rotterdam – a touristy (weekend) tour by a local

Your day in Rotterdam starts with a coffee at Het Lokaal, that added sandwiches and cupcakes to their menu after their rigorous refurbishment. The soups are great, as are the coffees and the sandwiches. Take your pick, and make sure your belly is filled with the good stuff, because we’re going shopping at ‘de Nieuwe Binnenweg!

At Flowers an Pearls (vintage fashion), (retro furniture) and Koekela (the best cookies in town), to be precise. Make sure to stop by Schorem, to check out rockabilly men getting their hair styled and their beards trimmed (no girls allowed).


Time for lunch! Off to Lungo, a cozy espressobar meets lunchroom at the Delftseplein. The daily specials (usually Dutch specialties with a twist) are always tasty and so are the soy latte’s. Lungo often hosts exhibitions of local artists.

Alright then. Some touristy must-sees:
– the obligatory Erasmusburg
– the cube shaped buildings at Blaak (with the pencil shaped building, futuristic train station, art academy and the ‘inside out’ library in the vicinity).
The so-called Kijk-Kubus is a must if you want to see the inside of these houses, for only 2 euro 50!
– while you’re there, check out the cute Schaakstukken Museum (Chessmen Museum)
– a little further on you’ll find the ‘White House‘ and the Oude Haven (old harbour)
– at the Boompjeskade, near the Oude Haven, you’ll find one of the many watertaxi stands. Give them a call and ask them to take you to Hotel New York, a hotel and restaurant at the Wilhelminapier in the former administrative building of the Holland-America Line.
– then take the ‘Hoerenloper’ (the Rijnhavenbrug) to Katendrecht and walk towards the ss Rotterdam, one of the most famous post-war Dutch ships in the service of the Holland-America Line and then served as a cruise ship. Take Titanic-like pictures on the deck and request a tour through the ship. The guides are all very friendly and funny, you won’t regret it!

Check that? Then take the watertaxi to the Veerhaven and walk towards the Witte de With to get roti at Warung Mini. WHAT? FASTFOOD? That’s really what you want to recommend us? Well… yes! Their vegetarian roti is amazing and everyone (tourists and locals alike) raves about this weird dish. Another classic, especially for veggies, is Burger Trut. Wasabi fan? Go for the ‘Big in Japan’. Not so much? Order the ‘Ciao Marco’ with a risotto-burger in a ciabatta sandwich. With a jacked potato and a coleslaw on the side. Of course.

Everyone (or rather: the Lonely Planet) is always raving about De Witte Aap. We know that only 30-something, provincial types ‘hang’ there. The cool kids go to Bar or  Tiki’s, the crazy ones go to Worm. A StallesRotownLe Vagabond combo also makes for a great evening out, most of the times. Care to dance? Go to Bird.

Hoek van Holland strand

Start your sunday in Rotterdammish no-nonsense vibes at Hopper, before taking the train to Hoek van Holland Strand, for a day at the Dutch beach. With hot chocolate and frietjes (french fries) with mayonnaise at one of the beach bistro’s. Overslept after a wild night out and no time for endless breakfastbrunchlunchin’? Happens to the best of us! Get some caffeinated goodies, freshly squeezed orange juice and (humus!) sandwiches at Lebkov before you jump (slowly) on that train. Enjoy!

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Een Rotterdammer in Amsterdam

Toegegeven, ik ben geen volbloed Rotterdamse, toch voelt een bezoekje aan de hoofdstad altijd een beetje dubbel. Of tenminste als iets waar je niet al te enthousiast over moet doen. Moeilijk, als collega (en toevalligerwijs community manager voor/van onze Amsterdamse gebruikerts) Paul Domen je de leukste stukjes stad laat zien! Wat er open is althans, op een regenachtige maandag.

Mijn dag begon goed met een dikke prima espresso en fijne filter, met de favoriete (Columbiaanse) bonen van de barista van Two for Joy. Na wat (window)shopping bij Chique-de-Friemel (Thunderbirds miniaturen!) en Samen naar The Movies, werd ik opgepikt door Paul, die twee paar fixies bij zich had.

Richting Eetcafé Harlem, zo’n plek waar je je dan weer laat verleiden tot een (veggie) club sandwich, om je later te realiseren dat die krengen niet charmant te eten zijn. Goeie vibes hier trouwens. De lange banken van Harlem zijn een echte plus, omdat je ze in klein gezelschap moet delen met andere mensen. Hilariteit alom wanneer een groepje aan het uiteinde plotseling besluit op te staan en de banken en tafel vervaarlijk kiepen.

Na eten komt shoppen. Bij instituut op het gebied van tweedehands feestwaar Laura Dolls bijvoorbeeld. Bij Concerto. En bij het hipster hoofdkwartier / de Lomography Store, een prima toko overigens, lekker licht en een uitgebreide collectie!

Mocht het Stedelijk nou niet open zijn heh, op een maandag – zoals elke maandag overigens – dan kun je je ook prima vermaken met een bak koffie en een Hollandsche stroopwafel in het museum café, terwijl je je vergaapt aan het epische badkuiperige ontwerp. En dan direct naar Foam, voor Esther Kroon (nog tot 14 oktober te zien), werk van alumni van de Rijksacademie (eveneens tot 14 oktober) en Alex Prager, winnaar van de Foam Paul Huf Award 2012, een prijs die Foam jaarlijks toekent aan een veelbelovende jonge internationale fotograaf jonger dan 35 jaar.

Om de pre uit eten honger te stillen fietsten Paul en ik naar Bar Moustache voor een ‘kaasdingetje’ (met o.a. jonge en oude pecorino, kaas uit Texel en een gorgonzola) en Hollandse Heinekes. Bij vegetarisch restaurant (met Hare Krishna vibe) Golden Temple ging ik voor de Dhali (met Kofta, Korma, paneer en nog één van de 6 opties die me even is ontschoten), mijn tafelheer ging voor de mezze met de favoriete bijlagen van onze serveertster. Ik spotte – en proefde – gegrilde courgette en aubergine en een humus. Pluspunt? Ze doen een pluutje in je sap!

Goed. Na die (veel te grote) portie moest ik alweer mijn trein halen. De volgende keer ga ik het nachtleven in. Beloofd.

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We went to Blogging the City and all YOU get is this lousy blog…

Blogging the city is curated and hosted by Jeroen and Joop, who work in/with spacial development, set up and fill and organize PechaKucha nights in Amsterdam. Jeroen ends his introductional speech, claiming that bloggers are the next city branders.

Stefan Höffken – @urbanophil

Mister Urbanophil – the ‘network for urban culture’ – himself, shared some learnings from last years edition of this traveling conference. Urbanophil has 20 bloggers, mainly from Germany (Berlin to be more specific), but also from Shanghai, writing about urban culture. Looking further than classic urban planning, they collect and share examples of clever and fun ways to interact with the city. Höffkens mentions the Lego Bridge, do it yourself bike lanes and emotional mapping (C. Nold).

Höffkens sure is familiar with tweetsize onliners. A selection:
“Urban blogs are multiplyers (for ideas).”
“Urban blogs are low-threshold gateways for urban topics.”
“Urban blogs are social sensors.”

Höffkens on city making: Urbanophil often starts a petition and uses its network to spread the word. “Networks are the basis for new collaborative actions. Bottom-up developments shape our cities more and more.” A cool way Urbanophil plays a role in city making is by taking its Mobile University (a pop-up stand on a bicycle) into town to brings topics and people (citizens) together.

Regine Debatty – @wmmna

We-make-money-not-art is not exactly an urban blog, says Regine. Her blog touches urban topics when she covers the work of artists that interact – through their contemporary art – with the public space or inhabitants of a city and take over the streets as an exhibition space.

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Blogging ‘Blogging the City’

The Dutch delegation of the Tupalo team will attend Pop-Up City’s Blogging the City, a one-day festival in Amsterdam on 4 October, 2012, where a selection of ‘Europe’s finest city bloggers share their ideas and inspiration live on stage’.
The afternoon program of Blogging the City will take place at Pakhuis de Zwijger’s Studio. The night program, that starts at 20:00 h., is being held in the Grote Zaal.

Blogging The City is a traveling event. The first Blogging the City festival took place in Berlin in 2011, and brought together a selection of European bloggers to discuss urbanism in the online world to a real-life audience. Now it’s Amsterdam’s turn. Blogging the City is curated and organized by The Pop-Up City, an online magazine by Amsterdam-based urban design agency Golfstromen which showcases new ideas, trends and strategies for contemporary world cities.

The afternoon program features talks from:
Régine Debatty (we-make-money-not-art), Zef Hemel (Vrijstaat Amsterdam), Luc Harings (ilovenoord), Ernst-Jan Pfauth (, Stefan Höffken (Urbanophil), Wouter Boon (Amsterdam Ad Blog) and Martijn de Waal (The Mobile City)

… and in the evening, these people will take the stage:
Mikael Colville-Andersen (Copenhagenize), Antonia Märzhäuser (Freunde von Freunden), Filip Visnjic (CreativeApplications), Stefan Höffken (Urbanophil), Rudolf Klöckner (Urban Shit) and Charlie Hilton (Urban Times)

We are ‘dabei‘ and will try and cover the event using our personal twitter accounts (Floor; Moniek; Paul). Wouldn’t be surprised if a summary would appear on this blog in the next days either. ;)

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Did you spot our business stickers yet?

If you live in Vienna, Rotterdam or Amsterdam you might have spotted our window stickers at one or two businesses’ doors. We started handing them out to the businesses we really like and that have a high rating on And the awesomest thing is: the Vienna ones are NFC-enabled and lead you to the mobile page of the spot you’re visiting or walking by.

Our new algorithm makes our ranking way more fair, but we need you continuous feedback for that! We hope that our window stickers serve as little reminders to keep reviewing and sharing your favorite businesses on, be it restaurants or shops. business window sticker

Business owners can learn from your experiences and get in touch with their customers by – for instance – commenting on reviews. Lucky for them all those reviews make them stand out from the competition even more in search engines. They might just find their new regulars among the 4 million web users that visit our site every month!

Are you a business owner and would you like a ‘review us’ minded sticker on your door? Drop us an email and we’ll make sure you get one!

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Cash mob Rotterdam – the XL edition Rotterdam and Urban City Guide Rotterdam have teamed up to organize the second cash mob in Rotterdam, on saturday the 13th of october. Last april we organized the first ever cash mob in Rotterdam. Encouraged by the positive response we decided to go cash mobbing again, and this edition will be ‘on steroids’!

CashWHAT? The idea behind cash mobbing is to motivate people to look beyond the big shopping malls and brands and support local business owners by spending a few euro’s there. After all, we are in a crisis…
This event is a win-win for both the shop owner and the cash mobber, for the shops give the participants a nice discount, goodie bag or even a present!

We’ll meet up at Nika koffie en thee (Benthuizerstraat 94a) between 12:00 and 12:30 for a (Tupalo sponsored!) coffee. At 12:30 sharp we’ll head over to Bash, Olala Chocola, The icing on the cake, Branco delicatessen and & designshop. Please let us know if you’re joining us!

The ‘rules’:
– Bring a friend!

– Discover new local shops…

– Spend at least 10 €
– Meet new people
– Have a great time! :)

Follow all the updates regarding The Event of coming fall via Facebook and/or Twitter! See you there!

* spoiler alert *
Bring your smartphone with you, you’ll be greatly rewarded with a special badge upon checking in via the Tupalo app (android / iPhone)!

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A day in Linz; nerdy party tricks and cake

After my recent city trips to Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, I started feeling bad about having seen so little of Austria (next to Graz, Salzburg and ofcourse Vienna). After all… it has been my ‘Heimat’ for over a year. Last saturday I went to Linz. Which was, just as a sidenote, the European Capital of Culture in 2009.

“It may not have old-world architecture to rival the giddy heights of Vienna or Salzburg, but it comes up trumps in the modern art and new technology stakes, with crystalline venues like Lentos and the Ars Electronica Center.”

After arriving at Linz Hauptbahnhof, we walked through the Volksgarten, passed the Musiktheater in-process-of-construction, towards Landstrasse. Following this main street to Taubenmarkt (Pigeonmarket) near the main square, where we found a little market ‘happening’. In the middle of the Hauptplatz you’ll find the so-called Pestsäule, built to remember the people who died in the plague epidemics. The Alter Dom is also a quite impressive sight on this square.


My travelbuddy of choice and I met up with an old friend of his over lunch at veggie restaurant P’aa. And coffee at Jindrak, the epicentrum of Linzer Torte, or so I’ve heard. A pretty interesting place anyway, with a smokers room in authentic design and a non-smokers room that is way more modern and ‘Starbucksy’. It goes without saying that we endured the smoke, just to get a hint of nostalgia.

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Je kunt vanaf vandaag foto’s uploaden op Tupalo

Vanaf vandaag kun je foto’s toevoegen aan je favoriete spots en aan je reviews. Omdat we tegelijkertijd klussen aan een nieuwe ‘category page’ (en met de update van ons spot ranking algoritme), wordt visueel een stuk interessanter! Ik zet tegenwoordig geen voet binnen een tent als ik niet tenminste een foto van de entree en een gerechtje of twee kan bekijken op het wereld wijde web. Goed, iedereen kan nu foto’s uploaden, direct – vanaf zijn of haar computer – of via externe services als Flickr of Youtube, om videos te embedden.

Onze ‘trusted users‘ konden al langer foto’s uploaden. En wij speelden zelf al enkele maanden met de feature. Ik daag je uit om mijn record (1445 kiekjes in totaal) te verbreken! ;)

Je kunt de kiekjes die je hebt geupload terugvinden op je profiel, onder het tabje ‘toegevoegde media’.

Probeer het uit en laat ons vooral weten wat je ervan vindt!