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Wifi FTW or: the best places to share a coffee (get it?)

Sometimes the best ideas come unexpected. Like when Sebastian and I were looking for a place for an after-work beer (for him) and wifi (for me). We couldn’t really decide on a place, mostly due to me not knowing all the wlan hotspots around, even after 7 months of living from café-with-wifi to restaurant-with-wifi. Ah, the life of an immigrant. Anyway, enter epiphany. We should mention if a place has wifi/wlan (and if so, what the password is) on our spot pages!

wifi spots op tupalo.com

As of today you can find wifi spots nearby, using our website. To get that data we work together with the business owners and we’ll add quite a lot manually. You can help us! Share your favorite-places-with-internet by clicking on ‘add wifi info’. You can add the name of the hotspot and even the password if the wifi is locked:

add wifi info

Wifi FTW!

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