Om Sweet Om – and other ‘interesting’ spots in Vienna

Stadbekannt recently shared a list of the weirdest spot names in Vienna, like ‘Brauchbar’ and ‘Café G-Punkt’ (yes, a bar named after the mysterious g-spot…). We might have some additions to that list:

1. OM Sweet OM

2. Das Biero – Institut für Bierologie und Hektoliteratur

3. Le Shotbar – Challenge Accepted

4. Saft Laden

5. Unsagbar

6. Nam Nam

7. Charlie P’s

Why? Pronounce it. I dare you.

8. Bettelstudent

“The beer costs 3.70, turning every student in a beggar at the end of the night.”

9. café

“Occasional nude people.”

10. Keboss

Awesome name actually…

11. Bunkerei

Sounds cozy…

12. If dogs run free


13. Wascherei

Launderette meets restaurant?

14. Why Not

Good question…

15. Kungfukios

16. Krah-Krah


17. D.A.S. Hungerberg

18. Gasthof Unsinn

Brief summary of your average conversation taking place here?

19. Reisehexe

Cuz travelling by broom is so 2012?

20. To Hu Wa Bo Hu


Big thanks for those who helped me collect spots with weird names!

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